Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meal plan 1/8 - 1/14

So, this is what I have planned for the week (dinners):

1/8 Sirloin tips, mushrooms, rice and Brussels sprouts

1/9 Salmon, broccoli and rice

1/10 leftovers

1/11 chicken cutlets, broccoli rice

1/12 soup made from 1/8 leftovers

1/13 chili with ground turkey breast and ground pork

1/14 leftovers

This what happened

1/8 Sirloin tips, mushrooms, rice and Brussels sprouts

1/9 salmon broccoli and rice

1/10 leftovers

1/11 chicken cutlets peas and mashed potatoes

1/12 takeout (there were no beef of chicken leftovers)

1/13 chili

1/14 chili leftovers

Breakfasts have been turkey sausage links (now out) toast, egg whites, eggs, English muffins and yogurt.

Lunches have been yogurts, turkey and Hebrew national salami sandwiches (on diff days), tuna, leftovers, broccoli/cheddar soup

Freebies, Deals and Steals

it was a great week for freebies, Facebook sales and online deals.

Last Sunday when at BJ's Wholesale the cashier mentioned there was a short dated coupon on my receipt.  $10 off renewal!  Expires in 5 days.  Our membership didn't expire til March, but I used that coupon anyway.  I'll take $10 off my renewal.  We are now good til March 2018.

First, LL BEAN emailed me and it said I had ANOTHER $10 off anything.   I ordered another gun sock!   It has arrived already!!

I spent $30 on some deeply discounted gifts which are packed away with the rest of the previous purchases.    4 Rubbermaid totes filled!

I sold a vintage stereoscope that we enjoyed when we got it years ago but have had it packed away.   We sold it for what we paid for it!  $45

I received a $10 off anything at Best Buy.   I went through Ebates, puta 24 pack of AA batteries in cart with store pickup.   With tax I paid 5.49

I got a free can of soup by using my Stop and Shop card.

A pinchme box with dog treats, lots of coupons.    One for a FREE Barilla Pesto.  Another for a FREE photobook  Not sure how I feel about the lubricant.   😳

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Meals January 1-7

This is what I planned

January 1, leftovers from December 31st (hopefully there will be)
January 2 roasted turkey, stuffing, squash, mushrooms
January 3 leftovers make stock and freeze
January 4 baked ziti/stuffed shells homemade bread
January 5 leftover pasta
January 6 chili (beef or ground turkey) homemade cornbread
January 7 turkey soup

This is what you can see, that darned turkey didn't want to thaw out!

January 1, leftovers for Gpa P (we were out and had two meals, one cash, one giftcards)
January 2, takeout leftovers, New Years leftovers and Potpies from the freezer for the men
January 3, baked stuffed shells store bought crusty bread (DH picked up)  I shredded a block of Mozz, I made a quick sauce with canned tomatoes, I took 1/2 lb of ground beef out of the freezer and browned it.  Ricotta and Parmesan and spices all here.

January 4,  "Fake Baked Potato Soup" with PA cauliflower, last of Hormel real bacon bits, onion, butter, chicken stock.

January 5 Japanese takeout cash. $33

Friday January 6 FINALLY roasted turkey, mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

Saturday January 7th leftovers for lunch and I made one batch of soup with the carcass.  I froze another batch of stock from the neck.   Turkey, onion, celery, last of the cabbage that I didn't use I the stuffed cabbage soup. Last of the organic carrots from my share.

Snowstorm day.  I did teach, but a performance at a local church was postponed.    DH and I did go to local cafe for lunch.   $22.

I think I followed what I planned pretty closely.

Freebies this week

 Not really free since I pay for my own health insurance, but I did have a full physical today. All of it should be covered except for the EKG is I had one in April. Some medications were changed, but as I fully funded my HSA account for 2016 I have funds to cover  The new medications came to $847.00 for a 90 day supply.    Ugh.

Then I went to Kohls as it was in the same town as my physician.  I had a $10 Kohls cash and I wanted to get it used up before I forgot about it. I ended up spending out of pocket an entire $.51. I now have a very nice stocking for the Uncle, and a package  tissue paper.

Then I went to Bob's as I had a $10 reward certificate. It's amazing how high priced things are. If I had bought these three items, which were the ingredients to make a pot of chai it would've been $30. They still owe me a few cents. No money came out of my pocket.

Then I went to Panera. I had a reward that was going to expire tomorrow. Have you been on Panera's website? They have challenge games and if you complete them you get rewards added to your my Panera account. I had three dollars off of the salad and after discussing with  physician some of my Crohn's disease issues we decided I am going to go back to the way that I preferred to eat until I see my gastroenterologist in February. I explained to her how following the approved diet actually made me be in more pain and have more bleeding. So we're going to try eating my way and see what the Gastro says. So  I got a full Cobb salad and a large coffee and a bagel to bring home for a little less than eight dollars. But I had a very old gift card in my purse, so old that everyone commented on how old it was with a dollar in change on it and I had the $10 bonus gift card that I received when I purchased my daughters holiday gift card back in December.  So the entire meal was free to me and grandpa P got to have a bagel with his tomato soup.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


I really am grateful that we have such a beautiful yard. 

After the big snow on Saturday DH blew a path to the birdfeeder for me.  Of course I still slid and spilled some sunflowers, can you see the dark patch? 
Here are the four bucks before the snow fell, earlier this week.  

Yes, the bully below was trying to push the smaller buck aside


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Planning for December 2017 already!

Christmas is the big holiday in our family.   It is the one time we do things truly to excess.  But that doesn't mean we spend a lot of money.    I don't know what we like more, unwrapping what is under the tree, or telling what we spent for it!

So, I have already started for next year.  I had some Kohl's Cash ready for use on the 24th of December, was able to use some coupon codes (percentage off and free shipping) PLUS a student gift card to get started on the advent box for my Grandmother.  Yes, my darling Grandmother is still with us at age 98.  I started this tradition this year, and she loved it.  She also loved I only did it for her.  24 small gifts one for each day.  I pray she can enjoy her box in 2017.  

I also had a LL Bean $10 back gift card that expired on 1/7 to use.  I purchased a gun sock for my DH stocking for next year.  No cost to me at all!

Order Summary
Total Before Savings:$9.99
Promotional Gift Card:-$9.99
1 Item Ordered:$0.00
Shipping and Handling:FREE
Balance Applied:$0.00


I will be visiting Kohls in person this week as I received a bonus $10 back (again) as well as a Bobs Surplus $10.  Going to see what I can get for free. 

I already have three bins with gifts for next year packed away!  

Coffee! ☕️

I drink water and coffee.    An occasional Diet Coke.   Coffee is my beverage of choice.   Good coffee.   BLACK.  I prefer Starbucks if not brewing at home.    My go to beans are Cafe Verona.   But I found the Christmas Blend 2016 to be very good.

My students are so generous.    I always get several Starbucks gift cards.     I was able to load $40 to my app.    I then went to the Starbucks website and ordered 3 packages of the Christmas Blend.   But the deal got sweeter.    I earned $15 in Starucks e-gift cards.    Oh, and let us not forget the 3% I earned back through Ebates.     I call this a quadruple play!