Monday, June 18, 2018

May Grocery spending updated got a bit bigger

April 29th, Restaurant Depot $41.60 5 lbs of portabello mushrooms, 5 lb of Sliced Mushrooms, 3 lbs of pistachios (was not impressed with these) 10 lbs of onions.

Cannot find the receipt, but approx. spent 250 dollars at Costco same day as RD.  Chicken and shrimp salads.  Sirloin Tips, Rib Eye Steaks, Ground Beef.  Guacamole, Stacey's Pita Chips, Abuelitas Tortilla Chips.  Block of Cheese.  Frozen shrimp (man on man need my zaycon orders!) 3 lbs of house pistachios (much better than RD), 15 pack of yogurt.  Other items I'm sure.

April 30th Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market $27.19  Over 10 lbs of peppers on discount.  Only tossed one!  All prepped and frozen.  Two loaves of bread (froze one) Lettuce, Cukes, Tomatoes and pepperoni.

May 2nd Target Starbucks coffee for the next few months (both K cup and ground) $51.91

May 9th Big Y.   $26.73 Dozen large white eggs (.19!) Two Chopbani flip yogurts (free after mfg coupon), Deli Sliced Chicken breast, Half sour pickles, 2 margarita pepperoni.  Caesar Salad from prepared food, 6 pack Cinnamon Raisin Bagels (.50), Polar orange seltzer for DH, sunflower seeds for DH

May 13th, $19 at farmers market.  English Muffins (froze them) Bialy's (froze them) DH got a cookie and crumbcake (back on the healthy eating the next day) Also got two bunches of broccoli rabe from my Market Share (no cash OOP)

May 13th, $48.64 two Marie's dressing, provolone, 1 neils donut (DH carbing up), cauliflower, tomatoes, iceburg, 3 cukes, 3 peppers, organic spring mix, organic celery and two packages of fiddleheads.  Yum Yum

May 13th, $21.36 Grand Opening Bagelicious.  Bakers dozen bagels (yes I had one) DH had another toasted and smeared on site to eat there and two containers of whipped flavored cream cheese. 

May 16 BJ's wholesale $104.14 2 lbs carrots, 2 large jars olves, tzatziki sauce, boom boom shrimp, salmon, 2 lbs of provolone, 4 lbs of Italian salami, 2 bags of Stacey's pita chips, lettuce, sirloin tips, deli sliced turkey breast and tomatoes.

May 22 Walmart.  $123.51  3 cans albacore, 3 family size chunk lite tuna pouches.  2 salsa, 4 tomato paste tubes, 3 organic bone broth cartons, French onion dip.  2 rye and one Daves Killer white (2 frozen for future use) 2 beef and 2 pork chorizo (froze 3) 3 ground turkey 85% reduced to 1.67 each 5 dozen eggs and 4 lbs of bacon.  phew.

A bit over the mark.  $714.08 Ouch.  But a lot of this is in the 'larder'.      Hopefully June will be better as some zaycon meats are coming in (bacon and cod) and the market share is starting to be fruitful.

2018 garden totals

I plan on adding and updating this post all summer.  I want to keep track of what I have accomplished to put on the table.

1.23 lbs rhubarb that I lovingly call Satan’s Celery.  I personally didn't prepare any of it, but my Mother and a friend both enjoyed.

1.55 ounces of garlic scapes  Since these sell in some places for $25 a pound I just saved myself almost $2.50  LOL.  I plan on making garlic scape pesto and putting it in the freezer for another day.

One strawberry.  First time ever I actually got to taste a strawberry from my own garden.  Gpa P and his dog beat me to it all the time.

3.5 ounces of bibb lettuce.  Enough for tonights salad.  With Green Goddess dressing!

Penzey's Order

Been a crazy few weeks here, Pops is in FL but it was recital cram time.  I did try to take photos of things I wanted to blog about.

I.E. finally got my Penzey's order.  I know they get swamped when they offer these wonderful themed deals, and I was so excited to get the Green Goddess dressing blend.  It was worth the wait.   Look at that total, $16.24

The company generously gave me a sample of ground cumin I wasn't expecting

Here it is!  It is delicious!  I mixed it with water, vinegar and sour cream.

Roasted garlic was free

I wanted to try the buttermilk dressing.  The Northwoods and Shallot Pepper were also free.  

And shipping was also free!  Cannot beat this deal!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Tartlet made with rhubarb from the garden

a small simple tartlet made by my Mother.     She doesn’t bake often anymore, but when I asked if she would like some she got very excited.  

She even took and sent me the picture!

What a difference a few weeks make in the Garden

I posted these pictures on May 11th


Now look at how it’s grown

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Penzeys Spices Because immigrants are people promotion

Thanks to Penzeys for such a generous offer.    Do not wait, it expires 1 pm Eastern Time on Friday May 25th.  

Here is the offer (Plus free shipping on just a $15 purchase)

This is what I purchased.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Zaycon and having to change my plans

So, I was so excited that my first Chicken delivery went off without a hitch this year after Zaycon Fresh stopping deliveries in our area for a few years. 

Then my May bacon delivery got changed to June.  Okay, we can roll with that (sharing it with a friend)  I am still able to pick it up. 

What is NOT sitting well with me is the plethora of texts I and two other friends got this week......I was planning on doing pickups for all three of us, and we were sharing the items........Here are my texts:

So, all the meat I have already paid for (with a CC which I immediately paid off AND earned rewards on) will now not be coming until the END of the summer. 
I haven't been purchasing much other than beef as we are still eating down the previous Zaycon chicken and frozen fish I have gotten from Restaurant Depot.
I had really hoped to feed the family from my Zaycon meat purchases and our Organic Market Share.  
Our Salmon order has now been pushed to a later date too. 
Not pleased, but trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.