Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good Big Y Deals today (chicken and french bread flash sale)

......only in America is this a problem.     Pops went to Big Y for seniors 7% off.    They had chicken leg quarters for $.49 a pound and I knew I had enough room in the freezer for 10 lbs so I gave him a five dollar bill.  Guess who came home with 20 pounds of chicken because it was such a good deal.  He insisted on not taking the additional 5 dollars from me as he wanted to feel like he was contributing.

  This too, is an unusual event.   (Dad does not give us any money.......his money is for his enjoyment only.....)     I was able to freeze 15 pounds of it but I had to take some stuff out of the freezer LOL. Marinating the other pkg comes out to four legs and four thighs per package really good deal if you need chicken leg quarters.   This would feed a normal family for several days.  DH and I will probably eat 1.5 of the leg quarters between us.  Yes, Dad will eat the rest.  No, Dad is not morbidly obese.  I honestly wish I had his metabolism.  He forgets he eats, sometimes will eat to the point of illness (purging).  He could lose some weight, but he is not as big as you would think he should be.

Also, today only is a flash sale on French Bread.  Limit 2 nine ounce loaves at .59 each.  This is a huge deal if you like their bakery French bread. 

Hope you can get on the deals!

March Grocery Purchases

Total spent $443.58 averages $111 a week
I am so happy with this total
especially since a lot of it is in freezers and basement

Feb 26th 39.04 at Stop and Shop.   Gallon milk, 1/2 gallon rice milk, FREE Dannon Oikos drinkable vanilla, 2 lbs of Goya dried Northern Beans, 3 Cans of Goya black beans (see fail photo after this paragraph) FREE Barilla Pesto, 3.46 lbs of Ground Beef, 2.5 lbs Italian sweet sausage, 8 pc Fried Chicken from prepared food, 8 lb Navel oranges. 

ARGH, I need to spend 3 more cents?  Really?  Sheesh
February 28, 26.21 Big Y   Loaf of Ciabatta bread, 2 lbs of deli Chicken breast, 1/2 lb of LOL American, Thomas' toaster corn cakes (had a hankering), Tat's brownie thins (again, hankering, but haven't opened yet) 5 lbs of potatoes. 
March 6 $22.00 Reading Soda works 24 bottles of pop for DH
March 8, Stolftzfus Meats, $99.39
March 8, Kauffman Fruit Farm,  $60.47

(PA purchases on March 6-8 documented HERE)
March 9, BJ's Wholesale $47.48 two 40 pk spring water, 2 half gallons of silk almond milk, 2 lbs of wild sockeye salmon, loaf of levy's rye, gallon milk, gallon of OJ.

March 12 $33.48 Stop and Shop wonder white bread for DH (yuck) irish butter, 3 lbs of old fashioned oats, flat cut corned beef brisket, perdue oven stuffer roaster, 5 lbs of potatoes, 3 lbs of onions, 2 lbs of grapes, 9 lbs (yup!) of cabbage.  I thought this was a great shopping trip!

March 13, produce market $31.34 5 lbs of carrots, 4 lemons, celery, 1/2 gallon whole milk, baguette, blueberries, 3 large yellow squash, 4 green peppers, 4 orange peppers, loaf of sour dough bread. 

March 20, stop and shop $74.12 Tuscan round loaf, mini crisp chocolate chip cookies (dh lunch), pickles, turkey breast, land o lakes white American, roast beef and hard salami (1/2 lb all but the cheese 1 lb), utz potato chips, one can of Goya pink beans (spend .67 to hit the goal to get 4 dollars back), Over the Border tortilla chips (all for me, I hid them, lol), roasting chicken 9 lbs for 9 dollars I froze it.  3.5 lbs of 85% lean ground beef, 1 lb of asparagus, 1 lb of pink lady apples and 1 lb of honeycrisp apples. 

March 21 Big Y $10.05 Twenty lbs (Yes you read that right) of chicken leg quarters and two loaves of French bread. 

I don't anticipate shopping again this month, so I am posting today.  If I do it will only be for water and or milk. 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Cooking and feeling bleh

On Thursday I made Pork Roast with peppers and onions (sorry no photo)  I browned the roast, then put it in the crockpot with the veggies, fresh garlic cloves and a few shakes of Wosteschire sauce.  I can never spell that word right.  It smelled good, but I have not been feeling well since the storm, so didn't eat any.  Pops complained it was a bit dry, I don't know what he was talking about.  I shredded the rest of it with two forks to freeze for a future pork stew.  I think he just likes to complain. 

I also made more soup with the chicken carcass from last week, mushrooms, garlic, egg noodles, onion, celery.  Was very good.  I will live on this for days.

DH made corned beef with veggies on Sunday.  Uncle wouldn't come over as I was still sick, so DH kindly brought him some as well as some lemon scones I had made.  DH and I don't care much for corned beef.  Two servings for Pops and one for the Uncle and the entire piece of meat was gone.  I'm not kidding.  Thank God I got it at such a deal.  Original price for this 4.64 lb slab of meat was 30.11, bonus buy took 18.65 off and then I had a coupon to get it for an even lower price, so I paid $9.14.  There are plenty of veggies left, so I will turn those into a vegetable soup later in the week.

Today is the first day I feel 50% since last Tuesday.  I am looking forward to 80% and up.  Have not missed any work (though I thought about it) and have been sleeping am amazing amount of time.  Today I vacuumed and wrapped a package to send to my Grandmother.  Did some business related work this morning, scheduled an eye exam for Pops (luckily got a great time for next Tuesday, so I can bring him instead of DH) Now I'm trying to get my energy up to shower and head to the bank and post office before I go to the studio. 
On a happy note, I never had a fever or sore throat.  So, I am saying it's not an intestinal blockage (as I had last spring) or an 'eschemic event' as I had a few weeks ago with my vision being thrown for a loop.  So I got this!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spoke to Soon.....Storm got us in the end

Cardinal in lilac bush

So, just as we were finishing an early dinner around 5 pm (a treat for us as I work so late most nights) we lost power.  Ugh.    I was able to get somethings done or at least set up to be done before it got dark.  

I refilled the bird feeders

I filled the dishwasher and got it ready to go whenever the power came back on.

I broke down the rest of my dried oregano that was hanging in my office

And more fennel seeds that were also hanging in my office

I reassured Pops it would come back on and be ok.  He was in bed by 7.

DH and I read on our kindles til we wore them down, then we had an amusing few hours sitting in the candlelight and listening to what we could find on the shortwave radio.

We were in bed by about 930.   

All in all, it was a pleasant evening!  Power came on this morning, and we managed just fine. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back to cooking

Easy 4 ingredient French bread.  Not a total fail, but not a true success either.
yeast, honey, salt, water, flour....hmmmm, that's five.  LOL  Maybe salt doesn't count? I am going with the water doesn't count. 
Anyway, I cut the salt way back, and it was definitely missing.  I went by feel of the water temperature, and think that's perhaps why the dough (though it doubled in size) wasn't as airy inside.  Was actually quite dense.  Maybe I didn't knead it enough?  I followed the recipe to the letter.  The crust was nice, though not browned enough, I think the next time I do it I would do a baking soda/water wash.  I also think though it doubled in size, my house wasn't warm enough to really get the rise going. 
To give full credit, I found this recipe on mymundaneandmiraculouslife.com
I will definitely try it again as it is easy.

One of my favorite Amish treats/breakfasts is baked oatmeal.  I ate it when there every day, and brought some home.  I decided it was time to make it myself.  Next time I will make it in a round casserole dish.  I was very pleased with the outcome. 
2 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup brown sugar (original recipe called for a full cup)
1.5 cups of almond milk (I don't use dairy except for occasional hard cheese and yogurt)
3 cups of oats (I used old fashioned)
1.5 tsp vanilla
Baked for 40 minutes 350

Next time I will add blueberries or dried peaches.  It was delicious, and here is the breakdown of calories

I roasted a chicken

Made stock with the neck and veggie peelings

Made soup with the meat of one leg quarter and wings, carrots, celery, onion, colonial seasoning mix, half a carton of rice from leftover Chinese food
Sauce on the stove as we are home today
I have a baguette and will make ziti for DH and a few raviolis for Gpa P
We had shrimp with rice on Sunday (I cooked) with the last of our frozen farmers market broccoli
and DH made salmon on Monday with rice and broccoli
On Sunday I also made tuna and egg salads (hid them in garage fridge) for DH's work lunches.

Storm Update

I think they might have missed this one.
Snow started around 130 am.  This is what it looked like at 9 am
It is 10 am now, and the cars are blown 3/4's clean, which is a nice bonus
Video taken at 11, now freezing rain
Street view, pardon the TV sounds
We have definitely had worse storms

Monday, March 13, 2017

Here we go!

Photo Credit and Blizzard Briefing from:

We are in the red, AKA Blizzard Warning

So, what have we done to prep?  Not much.  Gassed up vehicles, went to post office, went to bank. 

I did go to the produce market today to pick up some fruit and veggies plus whole milk for DH's hot cocoa. 

I took the front door wreath (now spring themed, should probably put out the poinsetta again)

We made room in the garage for at least one vehicle (there are four)

I already notified the 30 families who take lessons tomorrow that we will be closed due to the storm (we have snow days built into our 48 lessons per year schedule, so they won't lose the lesson, and the educators won't lose a day's pay)

I plan on baking, cooking and puttering all day.  

We may lose power, so I am grateful for lots of warm blankets, lots of books and things to read...as well as craft projects I can work on to stay busy. 

How do you prep for big storms? Do you look forward to them?