Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My yard this morning and my chores

I could sit and just listen in my yard all day.  I even have a CD of bird calls (recorded in a forest) that I listen to when I'm driving and feeling edgy.

Here is a video that has a pair of I believe yellow finches

My first finch of the season so I was excited, took quite a few shots

Rhubarb and Strawberry plants



I also filled all the bird feeders, (and left a few seeds for the chipmunks)
Watered the first bed of planted seeds (peas and lettuces)
Made the bed, two loads of laundry, dishes done and I made a pot of chili, but different that my usual.  Trying to duplicate the "Order of Fries" restaurant chili.  I'll let you know how it turned out.
Teaching from 3-830 pm today
How is your morning going?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's been cooking

Sunday was sauce with meatballs I made on Saturday as well as Italian sausage that was grilled and added to the pot.  1/2 of the sausage was saved for another day. 

Monday was grilled chicken breasts (boneless) with rice and veggies.

Tuesday was leftovers

Wednesday Broccoli Rabe and Sausage

Thursday Gumbo.  DH said I could make it again.    That is the highest compliment coming from him (he has a culinary arts degree and was a caterer when we first met)

Friday fend for yourself

Saturday daughter's birthday surprise dinner in RI

Easter Sunday, Ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, lemon chocolate cake.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cheap Date

I have had a very light teaching week.     Some of my students are on April vacation.     I have been able to get home to spend time with DH every night during daylight hours.

Yesterday we went to a free birds of prey demo.     We love birds.     There was less than 20 people in the audience.    Here are some photos.    

We then had dinner at Smashburger with a gift card.        I should have titled this FREE DATE!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Deal on Turkeys

If you have a Big Y near you see if they have frozen turkeys for .49 a pound.    I put two in the freezer.     Might check back for one more to defrost and cook soon.   

Monday, April 3, 2017

Landscape Improvement and thinking ahead

I am slowly trying to replant all the plants that were on our property when my Grandparents first built it.  Mainly the low maintenance one's (not going to get into rosebush's again)
For some reasons that I now understand more, my Mother when I was a child removed a lot of the plants/shrubbery that I loved from the property.  Now that I'm the homeowner, I understand that the placement of these items were mainly the reason. 
Pussy willow.  I loved this shrub.  I loved seeing it bloom with it's little fluffy tails each year.  In investigating a new purchase (small bushes start at $45....OUCH) and also where they should be planted.........I now understand why she not only removed this one (against the foundation near the kitchen....roots can ruin piping and foundation.....)  But also the beautiful willow tree down in the lower part of the property (was near the now defunct septic tank....another no no)
But how could I find a frugal way to replant this favorite plant?
For $9.99 I purchased 8 stems from a local nursery.  Pussy Willows (and all willow members) release their own rooting hormone.  I recut each stem on an angle, and put it in water.  I hope to have roots in a few weeks.  Then I plan on gifting some of them to other family members with land (along with some instructions on where NOT to plant them)    So excited!

We also took advantage of the Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale.  I put aside cash for gardening purchases each winter, so these funds were already allocated.  10 bags of black mulch, $20, 5 bags of miracle grow garden soil (I mix it with my own compost to add to raised beds) $10.00.  I only needed 3 bags, the other two are set aside for the Uncles BDay gift (table planter, soil and a few tomato/basil plants for him to tend to)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Deals and Freebies

Finally got my $4 from Goya added to my SavingStar account

 Completely free 8x10 of me and my daughter in a silly selfie

12 Cases of 24 bottles each Poland Spring Water
Now I check my American Express account weekly for deals
I am getting $15.00 back for this purchase. 
Pick the Nestle ReadyRefresh deal.  They had lots of beverage options.
Remember to always pay off your credit card bill each month!
12 Cases for $29.34 after the refund
I even got to pick the delivery day and time!
subtract the darned deposit fee I paid $14.94 for 12 cases!  Less than .20 a bottle
this will last us a very long time. 
We give my 'niece' (really my first cousins daughter) all of our empties to help pay for her school and sport extra curricular expenses.  It's her 'job' to cash them in.

Cooking/Meals the last few days.

Thursday evening I ended up being done very early, so DH and I had a date night, I had a delicious salad and soup.....tomato soup and the salad was so big I could not finish it.  He had a chicken dish with a side ceasar salad and he also brought most of his meal home.  Before this date night we finally got the last antique on our wish list, and it was way below budget (I have had cash set aside from birthdays/Christmas for several years for this item)

Friday was leftovers for all. 

Saturday was a late lunch at Maggie McFly's (after getting the bad news from the accountant....and this year, we owe) Unemployment was not enough to cover mortgage, so DH didn't have taxes taken out.....have to pay the piper eventually.  So even though I pay money quarterly, and he did work part of the year it wasn't enough.  I have to scramble to pay owed taxes, quarterly taxes, state owed, state quarterly and entity tax.  So, going out for soup and salad and a sandwich for DH was probably not the wisest thing to do when I was so financially freaked, but we needed to eat, we were not near home and had other errands to run.  I also had been out since 6 am, was starting to fade physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Sunday I made a nice breakfast of shredded potato (I shredded) eggs, bacon and toast.  Lunch was frozen Zooks meat pies from PA.   I then threw together a pork pepper black bean stew from items I had taken out of the freezer.  Frozen shredded pork loin with green, red, yellow peppers from a previous meal.  Frozen corn (last from summer purchases) a bit of frozen yellow rice, diced celery, some of my new Tsardust spice mix from Penzey's and half a box of chicken stock.  Was quite good.