Monday, September 18, 2017

Farmers Market 9/17/17

I will miss the market once it shuts down for the winter. 
Loaf of beautiful pumpernickel, sorry didn't get to it before Uncle and Gpa P found it for a full sized picture   $4.75
Celery, part of market share

More tomatoes from my share.  My organic farmer Rachel from Four Root Farm got a kick out of the Gpa ate all the tomatoes story.

Spring mix, beautiful peppers and okra.  Market share.

Dozen ears of corn $6.00

Swiss Chard market share

$3 Curry Squash

Friday, September 15, 2017

Do you ever relax?

Sharing a pic from our recent Maine excursion over Labor Day Weekend

 I'm reaching out to all those working moms and dads to find out if you truly ever relax. I include the dads, but I know that my DH has no qualms about sitting down at the end of a workday or when we return from a trip and turning on the TV… While I'm sorting laundry,  doing laundry, and planning meals for the week.  Never mind me starting to get back into full business mode ( which I never leave completely even when we're away)

 This is in no way a guilt trip aimed at  my husband either. I do not begrudge him that he can do this. I want to know why I CANT!    As in I do not allow myself any time to relax unless we are away. And even then, I never can fully relax.

 Just this morning, after only getting six hours sleep and waking up exhausted I have divvied up chicken breasts and frozen them into two packages after wrapping them and marking them. I also prepped. Sauce tomatoes for freezing.  I have another whole chicken roasting. I've done dishes. I've done two loads of darks and hung up one sent to dry on hangers. I've emptied the dishwasher. I've made the bed.   I rearranged flowers and made another flower arrangement.

 I also have had 28 ounce glasses of water, 1 cup of coffee, and one piece of my own gingerbread cake that I know is 110 cal. While drinking and eating I read one blog and I've had the news on  now I'm writing this post by verbalizing on my speaker app.

I still have to reply to four parent emails, do a deposit for the studio, make another ad for the studio, and wash the kitchen floor. Oh and I really should clean my bathroom.

All this  before I have to leave to actually go teach.     Today is actually a light day only 230 to 7 for actual teaching students hours.

I try to get in some reading time but I always feel guilty. Like I shouldn't have to feel guilty about wanting to sit down and read a magazine.   Do any of you have trouble letting yourselves rest?  Would you believe I just answered my land line with my business hello?  So embarrassing.... OK, going to clean the bathroom now.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Planned meals

This past week I planned on making:

 sirloin tips (freezer) with mushrooms and tossed salad

Bubble and Squeak (fried cabbage with onions, peppers and BACON)

Pea Soup (ham bone from freezer, dried peas, onion, celery, carrots, black pepper)

Pork loin with lots of onions and red peppers sorry a bit blurry, DH sent me a picture while I was teaching.

Zucchini quiche with a HUGE zucchini gifted by a student. 

Four out of five were done (no Bubble and Squeak)

This week so far I have made chili, sausage and peppers (grilled 4 packages of sausage and froze some for future meals) swiss chard and sausage, still have to make the Bubble and Squeak and tonight DH get's his steak treat of sirloin tips, mushrooms and broccoli.

Farmers Market September 9th

All tomatoes and Okra were from market share.  A bit of Gpa P drama, he ate all the tomatoes in a 4 hour span.  I got two cherry tomatoes that happened to fall behind the bowl.  He then said he threw them out as they were bad and weeks old.  Sigh.  He had eaten them.  I hope they were yummy.
I paid $6 for the two celaric (celery roots) at another organic tent.  I cut of the greens and chopped and froze them for future soups.  The Okra was also sliced, prepped and frozen. 

Two bags of salad greens and two eggplants from our market share

Swiss chard (already blanched and frozen) more white turnips (greens cut off and julienned for soups and stews) and carrots all from my market share.

I also spent $6 on another bunch of beautiful flowers.  A splurge that I am enjoying.
So, $12.00 spent, $6 which was actual food.

My water experiment

We drink a lot of water.  I have always used a combination of tap, gallons of purchased spring and cases of bottled spring if I can find it at a good price.  I never wanted to buy bottled purified water as to me that is glorified tap.  Well, now with the suits against Poland Spring I figured it doesn't much matter so I have investigated other water avenues to make it taste better and save money.

Purchased this today at Target.   Used my target card through ebates to get 6% back total.  Ordered it to be a pickup at the store.  Paid the balance off with cash of course at pickup. 

It came with a filter, and I purchased 6 more filters.  Each filter should last for up to 40 gallons. 

I will keep you posted. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Farmer's Market Share 8/27/17

No OOP to me as I paid for this Market Share in 2016
Two beautiful bunches of swiss chard, 2 bunches of turnips and the bonus turnip greens!

3 beautiful eggplant, 3 white cukes, two green cukes, 3 tomatoes, 2 walla walla onions
 and one frying pepper

a quart of sweet cherry tomatoes

I paid $5 for the above 4 ears of corn, 4 summer squash and one non ripe pumpkin to try.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

August grocery totals

The grocery (food only) budget for our household of two trying to be health conscious adults, one senior citizen who sometimes forgets he has eaten and eats again and a weekly Uncle visit is $500.00

July 26 Stop and Shop $63.35   You can read about that visit HERE   It was a big organic meat trip.

July 27 Big Y $58.84 Another big meat shop (grass fed and organic again!) all meat was deep discounted, and I also used a gold coin to get A huge 32 ounce bag of shredded mozz for $4.99.  4 individual bags of smoked almonds for DH discounted to .49 each, 2 petite filets, large top round steak, two pounds of  90% ground beef and three pounds of shrimp!

July 29 Target Gallon of Milk, 4 Starbucks iced coffee black, 2 Chameleon 32 ounce concentrated iced coffee.  $22.00 after shopping card app and using Target card.  I always go to the courtesy desk on my way out to pay off the bill. 

July 30 Farmers Market $16.00

July 30 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market $40.81 bunch of celery, two Marie's dressings, head of iceburg, pound of mushrooms, Huge piece of provolone, pound of Feta, 3 lbs of 85% ground beef on clearance for $4.40, .88 lbs of red peppers and .54 lbs of yellow peppers.

August 1 BJ's Wholesale $57. 59 6 pack of canned black olives, 6 pack green olives, large twin pack land o lakes spreadable olive oil/butter, 2 pounds of tomatoes, 5 dozen eggs, iceburg lettuce and an 8.34 pound pork loin.  This was divided into 4 portions and 3 were frozen.

August 6 Farmers Market $19.50

August 6 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market $19.19 a pound of each locally produced (Liuzzi) Romano and Parmesan.  10 ounces of mushrooms, .47 lb of Red peppers and a bottle of Marie's Ranch dressing.
August 13th Farmers Market $1
August 18th $8.59 Big Y for 6 lbs of cabbage, 4 lbs of peppers and lots of bananas for Gpa P
$287.68!!!!!!    That's it.  WAY under budget.  Perhaps I should have crazy work events more often?  Forces me to use what we have.