Monday, November 20, 2017

A typical Week Days

Tuesday I fell back to  sleep after my husband left for work and woke up in most two hours later. Unusual to sleep till 745. I hit the ground running and was immediately outside to collect sticks in the piles in our over acre lot. The My Husband uses for leaf blower‘s to collect leaves the sticks are numerous especially since the last storm. We made a deal that I would make piles each morning and he would click them and bring them out to the woods. Today I made five piles. After I was done doing that I planted 24 flower bulbs.

Came inside And had a cup of coffee. Then I made the bed. Then I cleaned the coffee pot with vinegar. Took the laundry down and threw in a load of his work clothes. Maybe mobile deposit to the business account and return some business emails. 2nd cup of coffee.  I wrapped a gift.   Got the mail and mobile deposited my eBay eats check to savings. Took a shower, had lunch and went to the studio. Taught from 2 to 730 with a 15 minute break. Then returned phone calls. Got home, had a protein shake took my meds got in my jammies and visited with hubby.

Wednesday got up at 6:30. Fed the dog as grandpa P had gone fishing. Took her out made five more piles Of sticks and visited with two neighbors.  Planted 24 more bulbs and cut back all the plants that you can cut back once they’ve died off. Left that pile for the hubby too LOL. Back in the house by 8 AM drink 16 ounces of water and had a soy pancake.   Brought laundry downstairs and brought some salsa upstairs. Through bowl of skinless chicken breast in the oven with salsa. Loaded the dishwasher and turned it on.  Sat down to have a cuppa coffee.  Practiced piano some new songs I wanted to Master for my students. Printed some songs for some of my students.Got some rice going in the instant pot. Started teaching at 230 through 930 pm.

Thursday was a low key home morning.  Some paperwork, but mainly lied low.   Started teaching at 2 pm until 9

Friday was laundry, cooking and more bills in the morning.  Dealt with some new student issues.(all good) started teaching at 2-7 pm.

Saturday taught from 730 am to 1230 pm.  Went to lunch with DH and then went to test drive another EV vehicle, ended up signing to purchase!

Sunday cooking laundry and catching up on TiVo.

Monday (Thanksgiving week) Place a black Friday bow and rosin order.  Grocery shopping. Call to insurance company.  Signing papers for vehicle (DH will pick up tonight)  Studio 2 - 830 pm.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Our last visit to City Seed Edgewood Farmer's market for year

I spent $24 at my market share market Four Root Farm as I had finished my share.  I got a nice hardy bag of swiss chard, broccoli rabe
A large purple top turnip and some sweet potatoes. 


Fresh Tumeric.  Any ideas from my readers?

Carrots from my organic farm  and another batch of rabe to try from Massaro Farm
A beautiful whole butterflied chicken from Sankow Farms $14.58

Monday, November 6, 2017


 Sunday Pork loin (freezer) cooked in the slow cooker with pepper and onion hot relish and lots of onions.

 Monday (Costco)Sirloin steak tips

Tuesday (Costco) Two salmon fillets

 Wednesday Pork posole stew made with the leftover pork from earlier in the week.   This was made with onions, hominy, cilantro, white beans, and vegetable stock

Thursday (last .49 lb freezer) Roasted chicken  carrots and rice

Friday leftovers

Saturday (we went out for a late lunch.....but ended up paying dinner prices, eek)

Sunday Steak for the three men (purchased same day) turkey burgers (me), asparagus, sautéed onions, mushrooms and baked potatoes. 

Monday (today) chicken soup made Sunday evening, onions, carrots, celery, chicken.  Loaf of sourdough from the freezer

Tuesday (tomorrow) will be chili that is at this moment cooking

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 5th Farmers Market Edgewood Park (CitySeed)

Today I finished my market share funds.  I had to pay $4 dollars out of pocket for the following goodies.  I also made a deposit of $50 towards my 2018 share.  So worth it.  I have frozen much of the produce I acquired from the organic farm Four Root Farm.  Have met all of the farmers/owners.  Including their families.  A worthwhile investment in not only my families health, but getting to know these wonderful people.  2018 will be my third year with them. 

Beautiful peppers and tomatoes

Chinese broccoli

two big bunches of broccoli rabe


Above is a sinfully delicious dozen of SONO Bakery English muffins.  I truly decadent purchase.  $30 for 24 tasty halves.  Am I blessed that I can afford to purchase these?  Absolutely.  I haven't purchased them in a while, having slowly whittled away at what I had frozen.  These too were sliced and put in the kitchen freezer.  I many continue to buy a few these last few weeks of of the market to squirrel away. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Farmers Markets (Edgewood in the morning, Coventry in the afternoon) October 22

Little Late Posting.  All produce is from my share, I have enough for one more visit to the market free before my funds run out (purchased an entire market share for $500, received $550 to spend at a certified organic farm)
Broccoli Rabe and Chinese Broccoli

One huge sweet potato


Peppers and tomatoes (this peppers were sooo crisp)

Fresh ginger!
I also purchased a beautiful loaf of pumpernickel for $4.75
Then we went to the Coventry market so I could play with miniature donkeys!  We even started a discussion to purchase two from the farmer.  Oh my, I think we actually might do this.  We would need to get a shelter built, and fence in part of our property.  But as DH said, what's the point of having all of this land if not to do something that will always make you smile.  It would make me smile, and he didn't mind them as they would be outdoor pets.  However, we do travel ALOT.  We really have to think this through.  Here are some pics.  I did enter a drawing for a free farm tour.....

I also got some gorgeous broccoli (a large quantity) for $7.00
AND I GOT A CALL that I WON the farm tour!  We booked it for May 5th as there will be new foals!   Here is their website if you would like to pay them a visit too.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Meals this Week

Saturday we went out to have a late lunch (still within lunch hours) at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Used a coupon of course.  DH had a Caesar salad with sirloin.  I had a salad and grilled chicken sandwich combo. 

Sunday DH grilled a steak and I had some eggplant and tomato.

I also prepared lunches for the week.  Tuna, Salmon, Chicken and egg salads.  Sliced peppers, cucumbers and pickles with Tziki (no idea how to spell this) sauce and ranch or creamy Italian dressings dished up.  Nuts or sesame seeds or travel size peanut butter.

Monday DH grilled chicken breasts, as well as steamed shrimp for me.  He ate chicken with vegetables Monday and Tuesday, I have been eating shrimp for Monday and Tuesday dinner, as well as today lunch.

Wednesday (today) dinner DH will saute the peppers and onions that I sliced for him, to go along with the grilled sausage that I took out of the freezer (I had frozen meal sized packages when he had grilled up a huge family sized package last month)

I also prepared a soup with the leftover chicken (still one breast left) the ginger stock I had made with fresh ginger leaves, sliced white turnips, mushrooms, onion.  Oh my, I tasted it, so delicious.  This will be dinner/lunch for me tonight and Thursday.  Here are the fresh ginger leaves after 'stewing'.

Here is the finished soup

On Thursday I will make smothered pork (lots of onions and béchamel sauce in the instant pot)  Any leftovers will be diced up and used in a pork posole dish over the weekend. 

October grocery purchases

Not going to the farmers market the first of the month made me seek out deals at local stores.  I had coupons for all the produce at BJ's except the onions.  $376.95 with enough olive oil for the next six months.

We did spend $140 at Oscars Smokehouse but I deducted this cost from our vacation fund.  We purchased 8 pounds of double smoked bacon, pound of English bacon, pound of Canadian bacon, three pound cheddar cheese wheel, pepperoni and beef jerky.  Three locally made loaves of bread (froze half of each)

October 2nd $59.29 BJ's wholesale , Artichoke hearts, celery, 4 pack of peppers, organic green beans, 1.5 lbs of organic tomatoes, shrimp, salmon, onions, organic romaine.

October 2nd $54.13 Big Y, two flavored (vanilla and hazelnut) cold brew kits, salami, turkey breast, white American, ham salad (impulse buy as I loved this as a kid), Italian wedding soup, 4 dozen eggs and 5 lunch packs of almonds.

October 3, $28.25 Stop and Shop, four thirty five pack bottles spring water (should last more than the entire month as I now drink filtered water as does DH when he's home) TicTac for Christmas Stocking (free!) Duncan Hines Personal cake mix (free!) 3.35 lbs of 85% lean ground beef , 1.98 lbs of broccoli and three 8 ounce container of mushrooms. 

October 4, $76.05 - 5 Savingstar Goya $71.05 4 large tins of EVOO,  2 bottles Goya EVOO, Assorted dried and canned beans and hominy.  Onions (we use a lot of onions) 4.5 lbs of broccoli rabe at .99  a pound, fantastic price! cucumbers and iceburg lettuce. 

October 8 $42.30 2 lbs of potatoes, sour cream, steaks for the men and one burger for me. 

October 9, $80.89 BJ's wholesale 1/2 pound Provolone, onions, salmon, shrimp, babyback ribs, drumsticks, cod.

October 13, $36.04 BJ's wholesale   Mushrooms, Taziki, Tabouli, Hummus, Pita Chips, Beef Jerky.

October 22 Farmers Market  $4.75 Large loaf pumpernickel

October 22 Coventry Farmers Market $7 Two huge heads of broccoli

October 23 $66.27 cucumbers, beef jerky, shrimp, blue cheese dressing, cream cheese, BS chicken breast (organic) Canned chicken (organic)  I had coupons for the chicken, dressing and cream cheese.

 $497.97 for the month   We still have water, ground beef, cod, some shrimp, provolone, hummus, taziki, broccoli, broccoli, some chicken, dressing and cheeses. 

No food waste, I am very happy with what I have done this month.