Sunday, February 18, 2018

Grocery spending

Pops is still away, but we found the time to go do some shopping for the next month.  We also had a big bonus to help with our bottom line.

Remember when we bought this new electric vehicle?

Well, we qualified for MANY rebates, refunds and cashback offers.   One of them was through Costco, where we received a $300 cash card to Costco after filling out some paperwork and doing a survey (over the phone).  I also had to be vigilant, we were supposed to get notification of the survey via email, it never came but I stayed on top of the date (there was alot of hoops to jump through).  I made sure we received this bonus.  We spent it wisely.

6 lbs of pistachios, 3.68 lbs of sirloin tips (froze half), an 8.4 lb whole pork loin (cut into two meals of chops and two meals of roast all in freezer), 2 lbs of Marceno almonds, cucumbers, 5 lbs of ground beef (frozen in meal size packages), shrimp salad, almond flour, parmesan crisps, 5 romaine hearts, tomatoes, 3 lbs of sockeye salmon, 2 lbs of brussel sprouts, 2 lbs of frozen U11 shrimp, 6 large peppers, 2 large bottles of hidden valley ranch dressing, fresh salsa, 10 pounds of potatoes, tortilla chips and worcesthire sauce.  Total of all this food was completely covered by the giftcard.  $23 dollars of it also went towards some other nonfood items (we also bought 6 storage bins, a ladder bookcase, folding chair and two pillows).  OOP  for foodstuffs $0

Shoprite 4.69 lbs of broccoli rabe total cost $4.98

BJ's wholesale, 2 lbs organic carrots, 4 lbs sour cream, 2 lbs of virginia peanuts, 2 lbs of roasted peanuts, 12 ounces blackberries, 2 lbs of heluva onion dip, 1.5 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lbs of pepperoni, 2 large jars of olives, case of tomato soup, bluecheese dressing, organic chopped garlic in olive oil, 80 count of sleepytime teas, half and half, english muffins, pork tenderloin (the thin miniatures, request from Uncle), limes, skippy PB bites (DH wanted) vanilla meringue cookies (he convinced me I wanted, lol), case of water, liquid egg whites, chicken wings, 2 lbs of celery and a case (40) of water.  $170.68

Shoprite for 3 cases of 24 water, 2.71 pounds of ground beef, 6 cans of tomato paste, 3 caulpower frozen pizzas, dozen eggs (free with coupon).  $30.33

Restaurant Depot  Coleman's Mustard (pound), Case of L&P Worcestershire Sauce, 4 lbs of peanuts, 20 envelopes of Goya.    $58.29

This next one was totally because we were at RD (listed above) with the Uncle and he wanted to go to Costco.  DH went a bit crazy.   Caesar Salad prepared, Mesquite wing Platter, 3  lbs of pistachios, Shrimp Salad, Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Organic Cheddar, Alaskan smoked salmon, 6 lbs of beef stew meat, 3 year old cheddar. $123.98 

February 11th Bread, Pretzel Rolls, Mushrooms and English Muffins.  $53  worth every penny and will last me til the spring. Well, not the mushrooms. 

Stop and Shop 2/15 $68.41 Went mainly to get deals.  Gallon of Milk, Fage Lemon Yogurt (free) Aria cream cheese (free) two bags of Birdseye riced cauliflower, case of 35 sixteen oz bottles of spring water, Kinderjoy candy egg (free) 2 Lindt dark 90% chocolate candy bars (hidden for future needs) 4.96 lbs of bone inn hotel style beef rib, 9.3 lbs Nature's promise organic chicken , blackberries, asorted peppers.  

Total $509.67 (ugh)

Also, monies spent but product not received yet were $450 to organic market share, $63.92 for my half of a 20 lb order of red shrimp (our first purchase) to be picked up in July and 40 pounds of BSCB for $23.29 to be picked up in April.  I am excited and looking forward to these gains once they are received.  $537.21

How do I plan to NOT go into the stores for most of March?  Powdered milk consumption from my pantry.  Baking more bread, ONLY using what we now have in the house except for produce. 

I'm going to try very hard. 

February 11th City Seed Indoor Market

The one time the market is held in the winter on a Sunday.  Sorry Traceybee went on the wrong day! 

Beautiful whole wheat bread from Cafe G.  I froze most of it, it was worth every penny ($9.00 worth)

11 Pretzel rolls, most were frozen.  Took one to my Mother when I brought her some stew so she didn't have to worry about food when I took her to the doctor on Tuesday last week. 

8 SoNo Bakery english muffins cut in half and frozen.  

$13.00 worth of the most amazing mushrooms from 

What's been cooking

Beautiful sauteed mushrooms. The Largest white/yellow furry one's are Lions Mane, and they do indeed have the texture of lobster.  Saute them in butter and YUMMO. 

Mushroom soup made with more of the mushrooms, some button mushrooms, some dried mushrooms, beef broth and powdered milk.  More Yum

Sausage Onion and Peppers

Beef stew before turning on the Instant Pot

and after.  I think it looks good, didn't get to try it.  

Also have made roasted chicken, chicken soup, rib roast, mashed potatoes, tossed salads

All of this made since Tuesday (today is Sunday and we had egg whites with rye toast, salad with chicken and lobster tails with cauliflower rice and broccoli rabe   Sounds decadent, but all was in the freezer leftover from New Years).  Prior to Pops returning we lived a lot on salads, veggies, cheese, beef jerky (DH) and broth.   

This and That

Look, it's me!  Sort of, lol

Well, it has been an interesting week here in Ms. Sandie land.  I have been in a lot of pain, some days much worse than others.  Actually took yesterday (Saturday) off from work.  I also was sporting a wicked sore throat and headache when I got home Friday night, but a lot of rest seems to have knocked that out.  Wish I could say the same for the pain.  Yes, I do have a doctors appointment coming up on March 2 (physical) and I will be requesting xrays of my left shoulder/arm as well as my left hip and knee.  I suspect that an MRI might be ordered.  Happy Happy.

I do have to say, so far our new insurance has been hitting it out of the park.  Very pleased.  Even without yet meeting our deductible my expensive Crohn's med are much cheaper (with assistance from the maker) and 2 of our 4 other maintenance drugs are now FREE.

Even with the pain, life goes on.  Gpa P came home earlier than planned (we still don't know what happened with this, but he arrived back Tuesday.  DH scrambled to get to the airport to meet him.  In anticipation of this change I made beef stew (heard it was good, didn't get a taste it) and sausage and peppers (I did have a serving)  I also had frozen some jambalaya/gumbo I made while he was a way and took that out.  I also made a roasted chicken (did get some of that on top of a salad for lunch today) and made soup with the carcass (did get a taste of the stock) also didn't get any of the rib roast, but DH said it was good.  LOL   Mind you, this does amuse me most of the time, I am not starving by any means, I just need to be quicker if I want any of these special items.

So, here was this past Thursday:

Up at six showered and made got the last of the banking together for the Studio. Drank four 8 ounce glasses of water In anticipation of going for blood work.

Arrived at lab 845 and no one was there. Even with all the water they were able to get the vein immediately but blood was slow to flow. They only got one and a half tubes out of me before I completely shut down hopefully it will be enough. The tech after seeing all the test orders felt it would be just enough here’s hoping.  (It was....overall cholesterol down 50 points)

Then to the bank. No problems there.

Then I pulled into Stop & Shop parking lot. Checking their app, I have four free things as well as some really good digital coupons. So I made the decision to go in and see how good of a job I could do.

For free I got a Fage crossover lemon yogurt, aria cream cheese (anyone else get a plethora of this cream cheese for free? This is my fourth one). A Kinder-egg chocolate toy surprise (this used to be illegal in our country and my husband gets a kick out of them so I picked it up free is free right?). The fourth item I could not find anywhere so I’ll have to recheck later in the month. Rest of the food will be listed in my grocery post for the month.

I came home prepared a roast for marinating. Put a roasting chicken in the oven. Ate some breakfast and had some coffee.

Then I prepared two tossed salad’s. One finally chopped with very crispy romaine hearts. The other a little bit bigger leaves with the green leafy ends of the Romaine. That one’s mine. Well I pay for it later? perhaps.

I’ve then sliced two more onions and the rest of the assorted colored peppers and put them in a freezer bag for a later sausage and pepper meal in the month.

A few minutes of rest before a trip into the studio for the rest of the day. Taught straight through 2 - 8

So, that was a typical day. 

DH has been helping.  Carrying laundry down for me, emptying dishwasher.  Insisting I rest as much as I can without going nuts.  Hardest part is I cannot play my instruments right now.  Even piano is becoming more and more difficult.  Very frustrating.  Even typing this is hard, elbows, wrists, all finger movement hurts.  I am trying to only take Tylenol when it gets to the point of crying. 

Enough whining, here is the good stuff. 

DH is a member of the National Watch and Clock Association.   They have a reciprocal museum arrangement with many other museums.  We were able to go to the Peabody Museum at Yale for free (saving of $26).  I was able to do all the walking and stairs (thanks to resting most of Saturday)

We had a surprise snowstorm (well the weather finally predicted it, but it wasn't expected earlier in the week)  Woke up to this:

In removing the snow from the driveway, cars etc DH ripped his jacket beyond a suitable repair for still wearing to work.  So, we went shopping.  

I had $40 to TJMaxx, but no coats AT ALL. Well, not for Men.  So, we got a new desk organizer for DH's new desk coming this week, a new heavy duty glass soap dispenser for bathroom (ours was getting wishy washy), more sweet orange essential oil (I diffuse it every day in the main living area) and a 5 lb mix for sourdough/rye bread.  Paid out of pocket $7.47. 

Then to Boscov's a regional department store (east coast I think....but may be further out)  Our first time there.  Lots of coats, and he spent $51 total on a new coat that met all of his requirements as well as a new pair of sleep pants. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Spending $ now for foodstuffs to be received later (referral link)

Zaycon Fresh is finally coming back to the New England area.  I was very upset with this company when they stopped making deliveries here.  We had gotten the best beef roasts I had ever had as well as huge chicken breasts.  Not to mention I had an $18 credit on my account. 

Anyway, they are scheduling BSCB deliveries in April.  Very close to us.  I used my credit on account as well as the cash credit I had been letting sit on our Capital One card (I usually just roll it back to help pay off the bill monthly).  I have prepaid for 40 pounds of BSCB (yes, 40 lbs) and I only paid $23.29 OOP.  I am already making mental plans on how to prepare/preserve it all.

If you are interested in signing up with them and would be so kind to use my referral link I will receive $1 credit for each person who orders. 

Personal referral link Zaycon Fresh

I also am sending in the balance due for my Market Share at Four Root Farm.  Love this farm and it's farmers.  Organic, local, friendly and it makes me happy to get to pick my produce during the market months.  $450 (I put an additional deposit down of $50 back in November) provides me with more than enough produce and farm eggs throughout the year. I advance them $500 and they credit me with $550 to spend.  We are still eating down what I put up this past season. 

Funds well spent. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Final Grocery totals for January

So, when I last posted on the 17th or so here was where I was:

$256.38 and Pops is still here!  He is leaving on the 22nd.   Some purchases were immediate, some were for the future.  $93.62 left for the month but I feel total able to succeed with this!

Last grocery stop for January was to the Natural Produce Market for lettuce, cukes, mushrooms, two loaves of bread (marble rye and sourdough, half of each frozen) tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, celery.  $53.42

Total spent for January $309.80

I did it!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I have upped my game

I used to strive for 10k steps a day.  Decided to try a bit harder.  I rarely sit now, and only in 5 minute increments unless driving or eating.  Here is how I did:

I also have cut my coffee consumption down to 3 cups BEFORE 11 am, then only herbal tea afterwards.  I realized I wanted the heat more than the caffeine.  This means I am not getting up several times a night for a bathroom visit.  I only got up once from sleep this past work week. 

I say that's a definite health score!