Saturday, August 26, 2017

August grocery totals

The grocery (food only) budget for our household of two trying to be health conscious adults, one senior citizen who sometimes forgets he has eaten and eats again and a weekly Uncle visit is $500.00

July 26 Stop and Shop $63.35   You can read about that visit HERE   It was a big organic meat trip.

July 27 Big Y $58.84 Another big meat shop (grass fed and organic again!) all meat was deep discounted, and I also used a gold coin to get A huge 32 ounce bag of shredded mozz for $4.99.  4 individual bags of smoked almonds for DH discounted to .49 each, 2 petite filets, large top round steak, two pounds of  90% ground beef and three pounds of shrimp!

July 29 Target Gallon of Milk, 4 Starbucks iced coffee black, 2 Chameleon 32 ounce concentrated iced coffee.  $22.00 after shopping card app and using Target card.  I always go to the courtesy desk on my way out to pay off the bill. 

July 30 Farmers Market $16.00

July 30 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market $40.81 bunch of celery, two Marie's dressings, head of iceburg, pound of mushrooms, Huge piece of provolone, pound of Feta, 3 lbs of 85% ground beef on clearance for $4.40, .88 lbs of red peppers and .54 lbs of yellow peppers.

August 1 BJ's Wholesale $57. 59 6 pack of canned black olives, 6 pack green olives, large twin pack land o lakes spreadable olive oil/butter, 2 pounds of tomatoes, 5 dozen eggs, iceburg lettuce and an 8.34 pound pork loin.  This was divided into 4 portions and 3 were frozen.

August 6 Farmers Market $19.50

August 6 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market $19.19 a pound of each locally produced (Liuzzi) Romano and Parmesan.  10 ounces of mushrooms, .47 lb of Red peppers and a bottle of Marie's Ranch dressing.
August 13th Farmers Market $1
August 18th $8.59 Big Y for 6 lbs of cabbage, 4 lbs of peppers and lots of bananas for Gpa P
$287.68!!!!!!    That's it.  WAY under budget.  Perhaps I should have crazy work events more often?  Forces me to use what we have.  


  1. Under $300 for 3-4 adults is stellar!

  2. Wow-knocks my August challenge out of the water.

    1. I was to busy and exhausted from work that I had no time or energy to even think about spending money!


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