Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Meals this week

So far we have had shrimp (still had 2 lbs of frozen shrimp not used over the holidays.  Large U 6-8 size.  Shrimp, rice and 'zucchini noodles'.    8 servings.  

Meatballs, pasta, sauce.   That is at least a 14 serving meal (well, what should be proper servings, but who really eats 2 ounces of pasta besides me?)

Roasted chicken (from a previous Shoprite deal, large roaster cost me just over $3.00), brusselsprouts and potatoes.

Ground turkey meatloaf using my friend Margaret tomato jam.  Yummo.

Saturday soup made with the chicken leftovers.  Soup seems to becoming a habit on Saturdays as I can get the prep work done over the week and Gpa P has something to eat on Saturdays when we tend to be gone for longer than usual.  (DH and I both work and then we usually have plans for projects, errands or adventures)  Uncle is here when we aren't.

There is still some ziti left which I think will need to go to the coyotes. Half of the roasted chicken breast. All foods were used for lunches and dinners.

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  1. Sat is traditionally soup day here, for the reasons you listed. Like the idea of using the French's onion rings in a meatloaf. Eating the pantry down, I need to remember that tip! Thanks!


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