Had a productive day yesterday

 I accomplished so much.  Just wanted to share. 


Washed kitchen floor and put down a leg relief rug in front of sink that I had purchased on Prime Day.

Cleaned out bird bath. The black birds have been putting their 'meals' in it, and there were some bones.  I filled it with vinegar and let it sit for a day.  Today I rinsed it clean, and added vinegar to the water.  I prefer this over bleach.   We no longer use bird feeders.  I do spread out bird seed in the back yard, mainly for the turkeys.  Yes, turkeys.  Here is Momma, Daughter from last year and Baby Boy from this year .   The 4 grown males are MIA, more than likely they will return in the Fall.  

Prepared a ground turkey and eggplant masala dish. 

Placed a Stop and Shop order for pickup.  I am loving this.  BJ's wholesale too.  Keeps me out of the stores, prevents unplanned purchases, is free or reasonably priced (Stop and Shop is $2.95) and saves me time.  Really hope they don't stop doing this.  I will pick it up on way home from studio tonight. 

Went through inventory to list to our online shoppes. 

All this by 10:30 am!    


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