Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Great bargains with Gold Coins at Big Y

Normally I have not faired well with trying to use gold coins at Big Y.  Last night I did very well.  I got all shown below plus 10 cans of Iams cat food (not pictured) for just $19.49.  

The Scotties Facial Tissue are the big boxes that are a bit smooshed.  They were marked $1.49 each.  I wish I had my coupon folder with me when I stopped in, as I knew that I had coupons that would have made the deal sweeter, but still, I was pleased to get these two boxes for under $3.00.

The organic celery was FREE with a gold coin, the organic mushrooms were .98 with a gold coin, the  11 ounce box of Olivia's spring mix salad was 2.99 with a gold coin and the organic baby Roma's were FREE with a gold coin. The only things I paid full price for were the carrots and the salted peanuts in the shell.  I thought I did well.  


  1. You did GREAT! I have accumulated a lot of Gold Coins as well but never have them on me to redeem. I guess I need to change that after seeing your haul! =)

  2. I used to never have them either, now I have a coin purse just for Gold coins.


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