Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Making Music/Farmers Market 8/13 and Freebies

I won't be posting or commenting past today as it is ROCK N BOWS WEEK.   Most years we do a private lesson shutdown for a week in August.    The other educators all scatter to points unknown and I host an intensive week of rock music.    This is the biggest year for attendance, but the lightest year for sound systems, guitarists or outside "people in the business".     Yet, it is just as fun!

I do have a guest drummer working with us.    Violin kids are thrilled to have that instrument booming the beat.     We have two pianists, one sax player, one baritone, one Viola, one cello and 20 violins!    Ages range from 8 - 55!

Things went very smooth on Day 1.     I did need to take a nap when I got home.  

Today was just as motivating for the musicians and exhausting for me!  I again needed a nap after Day 2.

 The group has now gotten through 7 songs (Viva La Vida, All about the Bass, Uptown Funk, Happy, I'm on the Edge, Rock N Roll all Nite and Jurassic Park)  Some are high school level arrangements!  Very proud of these kids.  Not only do they work on their own playing, but thinking as part of a group, as well as me throwing some theory and improv in along the way.

Farmers Market on Sunday

No pics, but I got 3 lbs of tomatoes, pound of baby lettuces, okra, 2 lbs of cukes (white ones are very good), a pound of mini squash and a dozen eggs all from my market share.     I spent $6 on a huge bouquet of flowers that I split into two vases.    $1 on two ears of corn that Gpa P ate within an hour of getting home.  

Freebies!  A students dad had posted on FB they were drowning in yellow summer squash.     I replied that I am sure their music teacher would like some.    6 pounds they brought me!   So generous and so appreciated.  

I also picked these from my own backyard.  Except for the labor, I count them as FREE too!

I'll be back on Sunday!

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  1. Woohoo for food freebies and your music event sounds like a blast. HAVE FUN!!!


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