Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July grocery totals under budget!

$480.50 spent

June 25 $8.05  5 yogurts and a lemon seltzer (I was thirsty)

June 27 $67.48 Stop and Shop  Lots of freebies (dannon yogurt, International Delight iced coffee half gallon and Oreo Milka bar plus 2 Stok unsweetened iced coffees, peppered and roasted sliced turkey lbs from deli, 1/2 lb hard salami and a lb of american white cheese.  5 chobani yogurts, Three 35 packs of bottled water, 5.11 lbs of London broil (only paid $8.53!!!) and 5 lbs of Vidalia onions.

June 28 $13.00 Stop and Shop (took my DM shopping and used some loss leader coupons she didn't want)  More London Broil at 1.67 a pound, a lemon and some meat sticks for DH to try.

June 29 BJ's wholesale $78.46 4 lbs whole cabbage, 10 lbs potatoes, 6 pk green olives, 6 pk black olives, 4 pk peppers, fig spread (total want), large Marie's coleslaw dressing, iceberg lettuce, 2 lbs of provolone, 5 lbs of tomatoes, 3 pk of johnsonville turkey breakfast sausage, 3 lbs of bacon, 3 lbs of shredded coleslaw (this and marie's was to bring to a picnic)

July 2, $24 farmers market english muffins and rasperries

July 6, $54.41 Stop and Shop, pound butter quarters, three 35 pk cases of spring water, 4.28 lbs of ground beef, 2.3 lbs of cherries, 2 lbs of extra jumbo raw shrimp, gallon of milk.

July 7 $6.12 pound of butter and eighteen count eggs (after the Ibotta discount of .25)

July 9, $9.50 Farmers Market for white and red raspberries and three ears of corn.

July 9, $35.07 Ct Fresh Food and Produce Market tomatoes, stuffed eggplant, bagel chips, hamburger rolls, iceburg lettuce, salad dressing, two large slicing tomatoes, peppers and shredded cabbage.

July 11 $30.92  Stop and Shop  two cases of water, powdered milk (Carol at CTONABUDGET would be so proud, was in the crash and burn because the box had to be taped shut! ), 5 yogurts, FREE iced coffee.  4 packages of Premio sausage links, a cucumber, 5 lbs of Vidalia onions, more tomatoes (you'd think eating them induced a high with the way they get eaten in this house) and more iceburg lettuce.  If you don't have the stop and shop app I advise you to download it and check out their coupons you can attach to your loyalty card.  I get something free at least twice a month.

July 17 $17.99 Gallon milk, tomatoes, cukes, pepperoni, celery

July 19-23 we were in Pennsylvania .  $135.50. We tend to bring a cooler and this trip was no different . However we did not buy meat as in previous visits other than beef jerky and dried meat sticks for the DH.  We did buy Amish made butter in 5 pounds logs quantity two . Three of my favorite yogurt from another Amish farm . Various bulk items including nuts seeds soup mix starters and dip mixes . Only one loaf of bread , 4 pounds of tomatoes 6 pounds of zucchini , 5 pounds of cabbage, two large green peppers, 4 pounds of peaches and two baked oatmeal's as well as a vegetable pie .  Almonds, cashew and peanut butters Freshly ground. Three bags of pretzels.  Large jars of pickles and apple sauce.  One baked oatmeal was frozen, half the loaf of bread was frozen.  Butter was frozen.   Look at the prices below.  Amazing deals!

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