Thursday, June 8, 2017

Farmer's Market Edgewood Park 6-4-17

Kohlrabi, $4
I used two bulbs and the greens in Hungarian Kohlrabi soup using
stock I made from a turkey neck on Sunday

Japanese white turnips from my Market Share Four Root Farm
I will steam the bulbs and use the greens in another dish

Swiss Chard, Chinese Baby Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe
(sorry a bit blurry)
Market Share

Radishes, red and green lettuce and pea shoots
Market Share

6 english muffins halved and frozen.  $15  Should last me at least two weeks

Beautiful sliced Wheat Bread.  $6.00 from 
City Seed stand. 


  1. The produce (and breads) look great. I like to use kholrabi grated as a coleslaw with apple and a buttermilk type dressing. The Japanese white turnips are also great sliced thinly into a salad. I first tried both of these thru one of my CSA's in the past.

    1. I steam in the little turnips in my pressure cooker. I love them. I will try your suggestion for the Kholrabi this weekend


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