Friday, June 2, 2017

Catching UP

Not that I have many followers (of those that are, thank you)  Sorry I have been keyboard silent, but it's recital time, transition time, performance time, graduation time.  If you have kids you get it, if you are a music educator you get it even more. 

So, I won't be posting much for the next two weeks, but wanted to update you that I was still around, and still trying to be frugal.

Bird Update:

We had 4, I think only one survived.  The first to fly ended up breaking his neck by flying into the house.  I was home for that, heard the crash, ran outside to all the adult birds squawking around it.  It was sad, but part of life.  Another got smooshed by a vehicle in the street.  Not sure what happened to the third, but the fourth is now a teenager and still comes to visit me. 
So, I had to deal with empty nest syndrome again! 

Men are happy I will let them use the porch again. 
DD is on her first plane trip as an adult (meaning not with her parents)  Going with friends to Arizona for a week to stay at a resort.  This will be a bit stressful for me in the worlds climate, but only going within the country so hopefully no issues.
Two recitals coming up, with it goes the stress of setting up venue, program details, printing, insurance, yadda yadda. 
Been to several student school musicals, tonight is a pops concert.  Have 6 students in that.
I teach more in the summer quarter, college students return for summer lessons, helping with college prep and auditions for juniors and seniors in high school.
DH and I have had two getaways.  Not sure how we landed such good seats but we were in the third row for the final Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus on Long Island

Not particularly a circus person, but went for the history of it being the final event.  I actually quite enjoyed it, was sad when the performance was done as it was quite good. 
Then we got FRONT ROW seats to a hypnotist/magician from the UK doing his first show in the US (NYC).  We really do not know how we lucked out on this one, but did get to participate in the show several times which DH loved.  I am not saying the name as I want to show you a picture of the stage before show time (not realizing I should not have, but it is such a great scene I want to share it with you)
August will mean a new Rock N Bows event with new shirt design
Beautiful rainbow on my drive home late last week
And last but not least, beautiful lilacs from my yard.  In my favorite color vase with my favorite carnival glass candy dish that I have filled with lavender blossoms.  This is my bedroom bureau.
Hope you all are doing great, and know I'm still reading your blog posts and comments, even if I am not typing much right now. 

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