Sunday, April 2, 2017

Deals and Freebies

Finally got my $4 from Goya added to my SavingStar account

 Completely free 8x10 of me and my daughter in a silly selfie

12 Cases of 24 bottles each Poland Spring Water
Now I check my American Express account weekly for deals
I am getting $15.00 back for this purchase. 
Pick the Nestle ReadyRefresh deal.  They had lots of beverage options.
Remember to always pay off your credit card bill each month!
12 Cases for $29.34 after the refund
I even got to pick the delivery day and time!
subtract the darned deposit fee I paid $14.94 for 12 cases!  Less than .20 a bottle
this will last us a very long time. 
We give my 'niece' (really my first cousins daughter) all of our empties to help pay for her school and sport extra curricular expenses.  It's her 'job' to cash them in.

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