Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cooking/Meals the last few days.

Thursday evening I ended up being done very early, so DH and I had a date night, I had a delicious salad and soup.....tomato soup and the salad was so big I could not finish it.  He had a chicken dish with a side ceasar salad and he also brought most of his meal home.  Before this date night we finally got the last antique on our wish list, and it was way below budget (I have had cash set aside from birthdays/Christmas for several years for this item)

Friday was leftovers for all. 

Saturday was a late lunch at Maggie McFly's (after getting the bad news from the accountant....and this year, we owe) Unemployment was not enough to cover mortgage, so DH didn't have taxes taken out.....have to pay the piper eventually.  So even though I pay money quarterly, and he did work part of the year it wasn't enough.  I have to scramble to pay owed taxes, quarterly taxes, state owed, state quarterly and entity tax.  So, going out for soup and salad and a sandwich for DH was probably not the wisest thing to do when I was so financially freaked, but we needed to eat, we were not near home and had other errands to run.  I also had been out since 6 am, was starting to fade physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Sunday I made a nice breakfast of shredded potato (I shredded) eggs, bacon and toast.  Lunch was frozen Zooks meat pies from PA.   I then threw together a pork pepper black bean stew from items I had taken out of the freezer.  Frozen shredded pork loin with green, red, yellow peppers from a previous meal.  Frozen corn (last from summer purchases) a bit of frozen yellow rice, diced celery, some of my new Tsardust spice mix from Penzey's and half a box of chicken stock.  Was quite good.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry about your tax bill, that really stinks.

  2. It is what it is. I am blessed that I can cover it with a bit of juggling.


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