Sunday, April 2, 2017

Found our last wishlist antique

We have been looking for this for a long time.  At least two years if not more.  Oh we have found them.  Beautiful one's, expensive one's, to big one's.  We have wanted an old ice box.  Why?  Cause we like the way they look, they make me smile, my DH too.  We wanted one in good shape that hadn't had too much refurbishing.  We found one we loved that was way to big though the price was okay ($450)  We want it for display and storage. 

So, on Thursday morning on my Facebook feed I saw someone was posting an antique couch and icebox.  I looked and was instantly enamored.  Price was amazing ($150) seemed to be in good shape, dimensions worked.  I emailed pic to DH.  We talked about it as he was driving home from temp job that was ending (which, the next day they extended him for one more week) and I couldn't justify the spend.  Then he reminded me we have had this cash hidden away for when the time was right.  Let's go look at it.  So, we contacted the woman, and we went to the shoreline to see it.

Good shape, darker then the previous one's, had the original piping, ceramic and metal interior.  The only thing I do not like is that they painted some of the trim inside to be a metallic paint color.  They should have left it alone, but I understand why they did it.  We got it home, and I cleaned it up with almond oil and then Old English with some scratch fill.   You can see our collection of old Newsprint books in the left corner on the floor.  I sit down for an hour a week and read through as much as I can.

See Mr. Planter?

Hard to see but it doe's say Gulden's mustard.  Don't accept if not jarred with the original seal is stamped into the glass as well. 

On top is an antique Planter's peanut drugstore display glass that I have been eying for years in an antique shop in PA we visit each time we are there.  I thought it had gotten sold but found it in the CLEARANCE room!  Originally over a hundred the first time we saw it we paid $32!   The smaller jar is an original Gulden's mustard jar.  $4!

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  1. Gorgeous piece! And, that was quite the steal! =)


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