Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February shopping January 26 - February 28


Shoprite 1/26/17 $32.19 3 jars of chichi salsa, broccoli Heinz Worcestershire, 4 cans starkist white albacore, enough Goya beans to get the $4.00 back from Savingstar. 10 lbs of potatoes and two dozen egglands best (one dozen free!)  As of 2/20 still have all salsa, all tuna, all beans, 1 dozen eggs

Walmart 1/28/17   $30.90     Loaf of white and loaf of rye.  4 pk yocrunch, two pack Yoplait with granola and strawberries, 4 pack Yoplait with cookie crunchies and one Yoplait dipper.  So far DH has given thumbs down to granola/strawberry and the dipper.  I will eat the other strawberry one.  3 lbs of Wrights bacon and a box of Kashi cereal (I was out of my favorite, coming this month from Amazon subscribe and save).   I have semi returned to my old way of eating at the suggestion of my GP.   In retrospect, I should have waited for the Kashi that doesn't bother me, as after 5 days of this other Kashi I was suffering. As of 2/16 all is consumed.

Target 1/28/17 $17.68 after cartwheel, specials, 5% off using Target card, 3 Quaker Oats favorites (lemon ricotta, vanilla chia and rosemary apple cheddar, all good flavors, limited time) 4 twelve packs of Sunkist diet orange.  Of course I went to the courtesy desk and paid CASH on my bill.  As of 2/28 have 2 boxes of oatmeal left and 2 cases of Sunkist.  I do not drink soda. Well, an occasional Diet Coke, but not often.

Stop and Shop $55.94 1/30/17    Had $2 off $10 in bakery, FREE silk cashew milk, $2 off a seafood dept purchase and two .75 cent chip coupons doubled.  I also submitted checkout 51 for cookies and chips and got .50 back.   garlic crostinis, crispy cookies and sliced Panini bread from bakery dept.  1/2 gallon whole milk for DH and the cashew milk unsweetened.  Pound of deli turkey breast.  Two 35 packs of spring water.  3 Chips ahoy cookies (hid 2) and 3 bags of cape cod chips (special 3 for 6), one bibb lettuce and just shy of a pound of cod. As of 2/28 all baked goods consumed, Pops finished Panini bread yesterday.  Water down to 1/4 of this purchase.  One package of Chips ahoy still here.  I gave the Cashew milk to my neighbor.  Lettuce and cod consumed.

Target $30.09 2/5/17 had a one day sale on all soda (honor of superbowl I guess) 50% off!   DH was all over that.  He chose 6 various brands of 12 packs.  I also got MORE of my Quaker Oats favorites at 50% off as well.  DH threw in a bag of Doritos ( taste great but I don't eat them as I suffer for days), ritz chips and crinkle cut French fries.  As of 2/28 all soda and oatmeal unopened.  Doritos and ritz chips gone.  3/4 bag of fries left.

Stop and Shop 2/6/17 $53.90 Light English muffins, almond milk, 3 different styles low carb wraps (froze two packages) 2 Italian sausage packages 50% off, 3 packages of Johnsonville turkey sausage links, 3 cucumbers, cocktail sauce and salmon.  As of 2/28 one muffin left, still have almond milk, still working on unfrozen wraps, 1.5 packages of turkey breakfast sausage links left, salmon gone, Italian sausage in freezer, 1 cuke left and unopened sauce.

Farmers Market $63.06 2/12/17 2 halves of fresh bread, Berliner and Rye, 2 pretzel rolls, 2 soft pretzels, chocolate croissant, chicken/kale sausage, 6 English muffins, beef bacon (not a fan) and veal stew meat. Dad finished all of the breads in two days.  I froze the English muffins and sausage.  Last of bacon is in the soup I made on 2/16.  Dad finished the stew the morning he got home.

Shoprite $44.27 2/16/17 12 pack of Utz lunch chips (need to hide) Loaf of wonder and loaf of Pumpernickel (Pops got into it between my two shops today), 1 and 1/4 lb broccoli (savingstar will give me 20% back) .86 lb of escarole, 12 Oikos triple zero yogurts, 5 Yoplait with cookie crumbles (DH), 3 pieces of fried chicken for DH, 1/2 lb turkey breast and roast beef, 1/2 lb of American cheese. 2/28 broccoli and escarole gone, 3 yoplait left, chicken and roast beef gone.  

BJ's wholesale $93.37 2/16/17 two 40 pack cases of spring water, 4 pack mixed peppers, Jone's turkey sausage links (3 lbs) 8 pack of Marie Callender pot pies (DH lunch option), Jumbo cheese ravioli, egg whites, 1.5 lb mushrooms, gallon whole milk (going to start watering it down ala Nathalie at Imperfectly Frugally), Stacey's chips, guacamole,  9 lb boneless pork roast.  2/28 1/2 ravioli still in freezer, two pot pie gone, chips and guacamole opened.  Mushrooms and milk gone.  Egg whites not touched yet. 

Cafe G 2/18  $5 for a full loaf of their Berliner Rye bread.  Nice to know we can go to their cafe and purchase the bread. 2/28 all gone.  I had one slice.  DH none.  :/

Bed Bath and Beyond, 2/19. $8  Seem's odd doesn't it?    They have a great grocery section in their Milford store.  Hard to find items.   I got Cafe Du Monde coffee w/chicory and Beignet mix. 2/28 already had two cups!

2/21 $9.63 Very large roaster chicken and two dozen eggs. 


  1. Love Café DuMonde beignet mix! Since we don't have left in the pantry, I think G1 and I are going to make some by scratch tonight for Fat Tuesday.

  2. We have a box of the mix in the pantry, I had forgotten all about it (it was a gift). I might need to make beignets too :)

    Sounds to me that next time you get yummy bread, you should only put half of the loaves out in the open and have a hiding place for your and your husband's portion!

    Did you end up eating all that Kashi cereal even if it didn't agree with you or did Pops eat it for you? Have you been able to completely go back to the way you were eating in the past?

  3. When my regular Kashi cereal came (cinnamon crisp) no problems. I haven't made the beignets yet, going to wait til after lent.


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