Saturday, February 18, 2017

Daily Diary

I am going to try adding some diary posts, so that I can look back and see what I do in a given day.

How am I feeling?  Stomach ok.  Not really hungry.  Joints ache, especially left ankle.  Vision more double today than yesterday, but I can force focus. Eye appointment was yesterday, and there is improvement.  Had a full eye exam as well, prescription minutely changed from 2 years ago (based on them checking my current glasses)  May or may not get new one's made.

Today is Friday February 17th.    I was awake at 6 but didn't get out of bed til 645.  I immediately stripped and remade the bed with fresh sheets.

I took the laundry downstairs and did a load of dress work clothes (all get hung to dry, on hangers over door frames in the bedroom hallway)

Emptied dishwasher and refilled

I ate a yogurt with a sprinkling of Kashi cereal

I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen counters (different rags) and the dining room table.  I cleaned the window frame in the pass through from kitchen to dining room.

I paid two bills, perused grocery flyers for next week.  Put recycling in bins.  Handwashed a few dishes.

I planned a young musician class special I am holding Monday morning (sold out!)

I did 7127 steps (by 11 am)

I ate lunch (5 ravioli, my sauce and 1/4 cup of perdue shortcuts)

showered, and left at Noon for hair appointment. (I get roots and a cut every 5-6 weeks)

Started teaching at 230
230  first time violin lesson 4 year old
3      adult piano
330  youth piano
4      youth violin
430  special needs adult piano
5      special needs adult piano
530  teen violin
6      teen violin
630  youth piano

Home by 7, throw in a load of whites.  Set out clothes for tomorrow (I leave before 615 am)

Light supper.  Talk with DH.  Just in the last few years have we started to do valentine's gifts.  I got my favorite springtime flowers in my favorite color vase. 

and an antique coffee grinder. 

I gifted my DH a book light that is actually shaped like a book!  Complete with pages that light up. 


  1. Love the gifts - they speak to how well you know each other. A thoughtful surprise is always welcome.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous and I'm drooling over your coffee grinder! I love those things!

    Sandie, I'm sorry you're continuing to have those vision problems, and I'm really amazed that they don't seem to slow you down, do they?! 7,000 steps by 11 a.m.? I'm such a slacker!

    Congratulations on selling out your event on Monday! That's got to be satisfying, especially in light of the work I suspect you put into it.

    I like those kinds of posts, as I love reading about how other people spend their days. I hope you continue the series :)

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks Nathalie. I enjoy reading your posts about your daily doings and realized it is a chronicle for you. I wanted to have a way to look back as well. I always try to look for the silver lining. Doesn't help to dwell on the negative. Enjoy your Sunday!


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