Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Combined Daily Diary, Monday 2/20 and Tuesday 2/21

Didn't sleep well on Sunday, due to pain and anticipation of this Beat the Blues morning class.  I haven't been holding morning classes for almost a year, and this class, sold out with 15 families, was 13 new to me families.  I paid just $20 to advertise this class.  AND one of our teachers got a new private student from it as well, so it was a very good event.  Tiring, I had to rest after it for about 20 minutes just sitting and thinking.  Then had to deal with the day falling apart schedule wise, lots of people called out last minute.  It allowed me to leave early though! Normally there til 8 pm, instead this was my day.

Arrive at 9, set up class, opening instruments, making sure I had enough take home materials (CD, book for each child, amish made bird dolls for lap babies and rhythm sticks for older kids).  People started arriving at 10 am, class went til a little bit past 11.   I then did an assessment for one of the families to see if their 5.5 year old was ready for piano and she was!  I am brutally honest, and will not take a student if I do not feel they are ready.  Some parents don't appreciate me saying that, my reply is always I hope you will remember that I told you this, and respect me for it some day.  Someone else will definitely take your money, I will not.  It is not productive to take a student who is definitely not ready.  Frustrating for all involved. 

Anyway, sat for 20 minutes after, then went and got a coffee.  Had lunch (quiche, guacamole and one ounce of Stacey's pita chips)

Packed away all class instruments and brought powwow drums back to instrument storage in basement.

Resumed teaching at 130 straight through til 5.

130 violin teen
2      viola adult
230  hour advanced violin
330  violin child
4       violin teen
430   special needs piano

and then went home to have dinner out with DH at our favorite diner in Vernon!

Came home and started packing up breakables in DD room. New carpets going in next Monday, woohooo! When do we insist that an adult child take the rest of her stuff?  She has been on her own for 2 years.  Could this be the catalyst?

Bed by 915.  Slept Great!

Tuesday 2/21  Up at 7 am.  Woke at 4 am when shatterproof mirror fell off shower wall (seems to be a pattern now, LOL), then again when DH alarm went off at 545, but was able to fall back to sleep.  Got up, immediately started moving packed items into basement. 

Checked bank accounts (did I mention we got hacked last week?)

Emailed Radiology company that they owed me $784 dollars.  PSA, you do NOT need to pay in full for a service if you have insurance that they accept.  Even if you have a high deductible.  I learned this after the fact.  They are SUPPOSED to bill your insurance first.  Then bill you for what you owe them.  Grrrrr.

Packed more of DD room.  Had breakfast, drank cup of coffee.  

Put clean laundry away (2 baskets worth)

Left house at 1 pm for studio.    I want you to know that if I need a bathroom break, I do take it, and then just start the lesson clock when I get into the room.  So it's not exact. 

2       violin  child
230   violin  teen
3        break (230 teen will be starting hours eventually)
330    violin teen
4         piano child
430    violin child
5         piano teen
530     piano teen
6         violin teen
630     violin teen
7         violin teen
730     violin teen

Little Damage control discussion afterwards, then went to CVS and picked up 8x10 FREE print of DD for my Mom.

   Also got 2 Scott Papertowels and 2 Scott Toilet paper with $5 ECB back, then when got home entered it into Checkout 51 and got $4 back almost instantly!


  1. Well done at CVS! I hope you're feeling better now. You're one busy lady, Sandie.

  2. The last two days I have felt very good Nathalie, thank you for asking. I have to make use of the energy when I have it. Students have been noticing because I teach standing and walking around. If I stay in a chair that's the indicator that I don't feel well.


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