Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Starting off the new year....

 January 1 found us going to an antique show and antique shops out of state. As part of our new plan I kept all receipts and entered them into a visual budget app when we return home.

Breakfast was free as we used gift cards earned from soon to expire Marriott rewards points.   We ate at Cracker Barrel. We left a five dollar cash tip of the $19 bill. It was New Year's Day after all.

Some say that doing this trip was not a frugal activity, however we saw it as using our Christmas money on things we enjoy. First stop was an antique shop that held an oversized real estate map book that we were both fascinated with several months ago. It was still there and it was $50 cheaper than when we first saw it. I also found many discounted vintage Christmas items that will be used as part of my gift making project for 2017.

 We then went to the antique show in Sturbridge Massachusetts. Entry fee was $16. I entered this in our entertainment expense. Show was expensive, we did not find much to purchase or even we were interested in. We spent $35 on items.  Five dollars was on the cookbook written by the woman who created the toll house cookies. It was the toll house inn recipe book final printing 1948. Binding was a bit damaged, which we felt was shown in the low price. You'll be interested to know that the recipe is a little bit different than we see on the chocolate chip bag.  I will post the recipe and how they turn out when I make them later in the month.

We were adventuring for eight hours between the two stops. Decided it was time to eat dinner. Headed back into Connecticut, where we stopped at the Vernon diner. If ever in the area we recommend going to the diner. Prices were low, and servings were huge. We both brought half of our sandwich and fries home. I had the best chicken sandwich I've ever eaten that I did not prepare.

January 2 this was the day we took down all the Christmas decorations. The only thing left is the greenery outside, which we've decided I will leave as it makes the front porch looks so pretty. I also took this  as a chance to weed out storage bins of holiday items. I trashed a few things, put other things in a sell  next year bin, and found some missing items.

I also sorted everything like with like this year. I labeled the bins. Should make decorating much easier next year.     All in all I say I got my exercise as you can see by my fit bit information.

I had oatmeal for breakfast and DH had nothing. Lunch was our leftovers from the diner the day before.Dinner plans were changed as the turkey was still not defrosted. I ate leftovers from New Year's Eve and the fellows had frozen pot pie's.

 January 2 was a no travel no spend a day.

How are you doing so far?


  1. No travel AND no spend? You rock!

    Ooh, a book of real estate maps sounds so interesting! How old is it? Greg and I love maps. And old books.

    Your field trip sounds great. And look at all the exercise you put in too! Way to go!

    1. The book is really neat. 1948. Has both mine and DH's hometowns. Cool to see how the business districts have changed.


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