Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Grocery totals

Turnip bigger than my hand!

Ugh.  $790.08, but most of it is still in freezers or fridge.  Purchase freeze for December.  Do not need veggies for a LONG time.  See amount of potatoes bought in PA.  DH could not resist. 

10/26 $32.47   Shoprite, 3 cases of Poland Springs Water.  4 pounds of Shoprite Butter (1.49 a pound, amazing price) 4.71 lbs of 80% lean ground beef. Two 30 count eggs just $1.77 each!

10/29 Target. $39.90  They had a cartwheel deal on a lot of items that we were out of 31% off in honor of Halloween I guess!  2 boxes Ritz Crackers, 1 bag Ritz 'chips', 1 box Premium Saltines, 1 bag of Premium oyster crackers, 2 boxes of Pillsbury cake mix, 2 cans of Pillsbury frosting, 2 Boxes of Betty Crocker brownie mix, 3 boxes of Starbucks K cups (was down to my last box already opened at home)

10/30 BJ's 43.69 after Savingstar refund 2 6 packs of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce.  I am sure it will go on sale, but Gpa P eats this all year round and I saw it and figured I better stock up.  A large bottle of McCormick Taco Seasoning (I use this in chili too), Salmon, Large box of Bisquick.

10/30 Farmers Market $36.75

11/2 Stop and Shop,  3 large jars Heinz beef Gravy $7.92

11/2 BJ's warehouse, $51.59 Daisy's Sour cream, two 24 ounces boxes of mushrooms, 10 lbs of russet potatoes, gallon milk, Johnsonville turkey links and sirloin tips. 

11/4 Big Y $22.06   (everyone get ready to laugh) A bottle of diet coke (splurge) and 8 lbs of butter. I'm set for a while.

11/6 Farmers Market $36.25

11/6 Ct Natural Food/Produce Market $37.18  3 pastry sweets, 1 lemon/poppy seed bread, 2 lbs of Italian sausage, nacho cheese dip and honey mustard (DH requested for pretzels), bibb lettuce, celery and sesame sticks (for me)

11/9 Stop and Shop $7.00   Two tubes of Jones Pork Sausage (for stuffing), 2 yogurts and a FREE 7 ounce package of butter.  Then got a $1.00 back on SavingStar on the butter!

11/11 Shoprite 63.80 Hecker Flour, Ricotta and Mozz cheeses, 3 cases Poland Springs Water, Pepperidge Farm cookies (ugh, ate to many of these, gave cousin the rest to take home), a HUGE pork loin (10.05 lbs) for .99 a pound (the reason I went there), 2 twenty four ounce packages of Wrights bacon.  3 lbs of Halo Clementine's.  Salted Cod (Christmas is coming!) a large turnip and a surprise for DH fried chicken from the prepared food (he loves it for some reason_

11/12 Target $2.84 Gallon milk minus .25 Ibotta $2.59   Cheaper than the warehouse store this week.

11/13 Farmers Market, $3.25 loaf of bread.  Uncle treated me to all other produce.

11/13 we went to two Polish Markets in New Britain.  Spent $14.22 in one and 7.34 in another on cookies, some apples, mustards and spices.

11/14 BJ's warehouse, $25.12  3 lbs of sweet potatoes 3 packages of Johnsonville turkey breakfast sausage and Salmon.

11/14 Target $43 even!  Did the spend 50 get 10 off. All items were on sale, I had coupons and/or target shopping card app.  3 bags of Hershey Kisses (Christmas stockings and baking) Perrier (DH requested) Marie's Blue Cheese dressing.  8 Delmonte canned veggies, 4 Heinz beef gravy.  4 Swanson broth and 5 College Inn broth (all 32 ounce cartons).  Chopped walnuts, bananas, 12 pk Sunkist diet orange, 3 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (redeemed $1 saving star)

11/20 BJ's warehouse $60.96 after Ibotta milk refund.  white bread, 24 count nuts, milk, Mahi Mahi, frozen veggies, chicken pot pies (DH lunches) and grated parm. 

11/21 PriceRite. $8.03 My first time in this store.  It may become a monthly stop.  10 lbs of potatoes, 3 lbs onions and 5 dozen eggs (yes, 5......baking time is coming, and Gpa P will cook six at a time, one for the dog.  Eye roll at no charge)

11/21 Stop and Shop $62.59, apple pie, pumpkin pie, OJ, whipped cream, peppermint whipped cream (coffee treat!) 35 pk of water, 2 Starbucks coffee beans on sale with coupons, hellmans mayo, 2 bags of fresh cranberries (b1g1) 2 celery hearts (b1g1) one fresh turkey organic, one frozen turkey.  Price was after coupons and preorder gift card for fresh turkey.


11/26 in PA, various farm stops.  50 lbs of potatoes, $12, 4 lbs of broccoli $4, 2 huge heads of cauliflower $4, 3 lbs of brussel sprouts $4, 3 huge purple topped turnips $1, yogurts, cider, apples, crackers, canned goods  $50, meats and meat pies $70

11/28 Stop and Shop 39.12   Lunch items for DH  Cold Cuts, Fried Chicken (reduced as it was end of day, saved $3!) yogurt, cheese and pepperoni. 

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