Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6th Farmers Market

I finished my share for the year today.   I am still on the fence as to whether I will renew.  It definitely saved me money, it definitely broadened our veggie horizon.  I love the farm and it's farmers.  I love that it is very local and certified organic. I love that I can choose what I get.  The only negative is having to go to the market in Westville.  I think I just decided I am renewing my share, LOL.

Carrots, Leeks, Escarole and Turnips from my Share
I had to pay $6.00 OOP

$11 for DH pretzels and rye sticks
$3.75 for the sweetest broccoli under the sun
$3 for Celaric (celery root) a first for me
Sour Dough Boule and Baguette (very big)

Not pictured for $5.25
a baseball bat sized zucchini that I will shred for baking (3.8 lbs)
and 4 Mccoun apples
Total spent $36.25


  1. Hmmm, celeriac! My mom uses it all the time in France. Back when I was eating at the cafeteria at school, we'd have celeriac salad as an appetizer quite often. It's delicious. (shredded with some kind of creamy dressing, almost like cole slaw). My mom uses it in soups.

    How far is the market that you have to visit to pick up your share? If it's very far, you should factor the gas/tolls (if any) and time spent going there in your cost, especially if you feel pulled in all kinds of directions already. But if you love the produce, that's a big plus, for sure. Their produce is gorgeous!

  2. It definitely sounds like you did talk yourself back into the share! I know Westville's market isn't ideal but you never know what next year will bring...maybe more vendors will come! Also, I think it's a good choice since you mentioned in the past that this farm is more than fair and very concerned with you getting your money's worth!
    Speaking of the market, I have been meaning to tell you that I have noticed a huge decline in customers at the Saturday market for our "favorite" bakery - haha! I guess it could be a seasonal thing and the "summer people" left but I find it interesting that I can just walk up and be waited on immediately...not that I have bought anything from them in eons. Papa thinks that possibly the bakery's pricing has driven customers away. Who knows?
    Text me when you feel well enough to schedule a lunch date! ;)

  3. I cannot wait to try it. It is about 9 miles. No tolls. DH and I just discussed it and it is decided we will do it again.

  4. Beautiful produce and bakery goods!


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