Friday, October 14, 2016

Keeping Busy

I feel as if I have been going non stop since we started this month.  Doctors Appointments (including ER eye visit for my Mother), more food prep, more business documents, the beginning of gift making.

I harvested the last of the Basil
and I dehydrated it with my new oven's dehydrate setting.  I have a double oven with the top being only one fourth of the entire oven.  In 20 minutes, it went from above to this
Not much, but better than wasting it.
I also harvested the oregano I had hanging to try and now have this
I cut and hung more oregano to dry
I took the seeds from the fennel I was drying.  Not much
can you see the seeds in the bottom of the baggie?
And I cut down the rest of my fennel and hung it to dry for more seeds
I put more gardening items away (hoses and sprinklers) and I threw out a bunch of equipment that is broken or not working correctly.
We had several tree removal companies come out, and we are removing an large Elm that my grandfather planted way to close to the house back in the 50's.  We are also having a Maple that is near the house trimmed.  DH and I discussed options and called and booked the one we chose.  We will charge it to a card I pay off each month that we will get $$ back on.  They are coming the 25th. I have half the fee already to pay the day I charge it, and the other half I will have before the billing cycle posts.  Glad we will be doing this. 
I have blanched and frozen 4 more lbs of Broccoli Rabe.  Freezers will now be where I 'shop' for the rest of the month.  Need to make room for Turkeys and Turkey Breasts!
All bills are now paid.
I went to Target (got health/beauty items) I went to Michaels (I was told my stickers suck (I G rated it for my FB post, LOL), I went to Walgreens to get my scripts and also some Purex for the current SavingsStar deal.  I really do not NEED any laundry detergent right now, but I am thinking I will gift it. 
I also am getting more proactive in fighting for what's mine and finding more ways to save.
Savingstar shorted me by $3.47 in my crediting towards the $5 back goal.  It was a true transposition, but the old me would have let it go.  Not this time!  I emailed them.  Let's see if they correct the error.
My Crohn's medication is covered for the rest of the year as I have met my deductible. I just pay a $25.00 copay.   However in January it will cost me almost $700 a month!  Good news is it will go towards my deductible.  Bad news is the amount of money.  I have started to rectify this.
If I order it through Express Scripts in November I will get three months for the price of two.  This means that it will get my first month into the new year for Free.  Actually if I do all our scripts (DH has one, I have 7!) it will save us over $1000 a year! 
 I also have the paperwork to file for payment assistance with the drug company.  I'm not sure we will qualify, but I am definitely going to try.  Paperwork is all ready for the Dr to fill out when I revisit him in February. 


  1. Yes, you HAVE been busy! Have you contacted the drug company for the Crohn's RX to see if they have a co-pay assistance program? My hopefully soon to be approved by ins (@@)arthritis RX is very, very expensive-over $2000/month. That said, my understanding is that all of the arthritis RX's have co-pay assistance programs, that are NOT based on income. Worth a quick Google search on line. HTH!

  2. I agree with CTMom whole heartedly! Check with the makers of the drug directly! If there's any competition among the medications out there, the drug companies offer incentives (like taking care of your copays) to get you to use their drug. I found this out first hand (as you know).

  3. Yes Carol and Traycee, I already have the paperwork ready. I need the doctor to fill out 5 small boxes. I have to include my 2016 tax returns. I will have enough of the medication to last until my next appointment (plus some) so hopefully we can get the ball rolling with some assistance by then.

  4. I'm glad you're sticking out for yourself and contacted SavingStar. All they can say is "no" but you have to at least try.

    I should harvest the rest of my basil as well. I dry it in the microwave. Everytime I harvest herbs for drying I'm thinking I'll end up with a ton of them and once dried and crushed... like you, I find out it really wasn't much at all. It almost helps me understand why retailers charge so much for spices and herbs!

    We also need to have a tree trimmer come and trim an oak tree. It's mostly over our neighbor's house but the trunk is on our property. Right now it provides wonderful privacy so I'm loathe to pay to have it thinned out but I suppose that we should. You don't have to share how much it's costing you to have the elm removed but the last time we had large oak trees removed, it cost us $1,000 to $1,500 per tree and that didn't include the stump grinding either. I hate removing trees but they are a menace to houses in bad storms, and having them so close to houses is bad for the house, the plumbing and sewer lines, etc. We still have a couple of large ones in front of our house, they were trimmed a couple of years back but would certainly do a lot of damage if they were to fall... anywhere! Good luck with all that, Sandie.

    Have a nice weekend. I hope you get a nice long nap tomorrow!

    1. I don't see how they could say no, the evidence is right there on the receipt. It is annoying though but I have to keep track of this but hey three dollars is three dollars.

    2. Forgot to add the tree info. Completely remove the Elm tree including all debris and wood. Trim a maple tree that's also close to the house. $2900 plus tax. This price was actually what we were quoted from two other companies just to remove the Elm tree. One of the other quotes they weren't even going to remove the wood.


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