Thursday, October 20, 2016

Boxed Review from 3rd order (referral link)

I have to say, I am super impressed.  I realized some ways to spread the savings.  First, I had a third referral purchase.  I have a special code that I have in the past listed when I have mentioned Boxed in my blog, and so far now I have $45!  They let you use 2 referral credits in one order.  My second order I posted about here, and saved $30.00 (Thanks to Nathalie who was one of my referral orders)

Also, Ibotta is offering 15% back if you go to the Boxed app from their app.  So I was all over that!

Free shipping as I placed the minimum order, and I received the item the next day!

So, what did I get?
$100 worth of Smashburger gift cards (four $25.00 for only 91.00)   I was able to pick two freebies as I purchased over a certain threshold, so I got a fig bar and a 4 pack of batteries (AAA). I also received a Boxed Halloween giveaway, which included a package of cotton 'cobwebs', trick or treat bag, three Hershey mini bars (two special dark and one crackle) and two spider tattoos. 

Standard Cart
Smashburger Gift Cards Smashburger Gift Cards$91.99
Qty: 1
[S] Nature's Bakery Fig Bar [S] Nature's Bakery Fig Bar$0.00
Qty: 1
[S] Prince & Spring AAA Supreme Batteries [S] Prince & Spring AAA Supreme Batteries$0.00
Qty: 1
Boxed Giveaway Boxed Giveaway$0.00
Qty: 1
After the referral credit my total was $76.99 which I charged to my cashback credit card that I pay off each month.  But I also got credited from Ibotta!   Minus $13.80 Ibotta 15% back.
 I paid $63.19 for $100.00 dollars worth of holiday gifts.    SCORE!
If you want to get in on the Boxed deals, please consider going through my referral link.  You get $15.00 off and so do I!
Here is my link:  GIVE & GET $15. Share the joy of Boxed and everyone wins! Your shareable link:
Here are photos of my box
Students will enjoy these holiday freebies!  (DH took the candy, lol)

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  1. What a great deal! You're doing so well with this. We don't have Smashburger in our neck of the woods so I can't replicate this and I'm jealous, lol.


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