Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Grocery Shopping

9/1. Shoprite $44.95. Hamburger rolls, 8 piece deli fried chicken, 5.74 lbs of 80% Ground Beef, 3.72 lbs of London broil (twin pack), 9.15 lbs (three packages) BS chicken breast.

9/2 Stop & Shop $82.86 I am especially proud of this shopping trip because my entire cart cost less then the price on the beef tenderloin that I purchased. I got 2.38 pounds of Italian sausage, 20.8 ounces of ground turkey, 5.74 pounds of whole beef tenderloin.   Four bags of lays potato chips which were on sale, plus I will get four dollars back from saving star when I reach the purchase price of $18 total.  Two Chobani Meze dips that will each cost me a dollar after saving star refunds a dollar each.  A container of alouette light herb cheese. The six pack of Jiffy corn muffin mix, and two boxes of Krusteaz corn muffin mix.  My one splurge on this trip was a box of weight watchers lemon cakes.   Price before manufacturer and store coupons was $142.66.  (Cornbread mixes were our part of a pig roast side dish)

9/3 bagel chips from a local Jewish deli.    Huge bag.  $4.99

9/3 Stop and Shop $6.09 case Sunkist Diet soda.  

9/4 Produce Market $20.79 3 bagels, 2 pastries, cream cheese,  salmon cream cheese and lemon poppy seed bread (very heavy).  

9/5 BJ's  $55.18 Gatorade 28 pk, diet snapple 24 pk, Stacey's pita chips, 20 ounces mushrooms, gallon milk, half and half, 4 lbs of tomatos, 2 lbs chorizo

9/10 Big Y $44.39 (after saving star)  Chocolate Chip cookies from bakery, A dozen donuts (pumpkin and apple) B1G1 half dozen free, 3 dozen eggs, 2 loaves of crap white bread for DH to use with Peanut butter, a package of store brand light english muffins (I am holding fast and not buying from SoNo), a bag of fritos which will put me at the $12.00 mark with SavingStar for 4.00 back, Seedless rye bread, a bag of kale chips (let's see how my system reacts to these) 2 bags of store brand egg noddles, 3.62 lbs of BSCB, 4 packages of Perdue GF breaded nuggets and tenders B1G1F PLUS two $1.00 off coupons on two of them.  3.63 lbs of cabbage (man, I have a thing for that weight I guess) 3.25 lb butternut and 1.9 lb acorn squash.  I thought this was an amazing trip.  Also received a 10% off of next order!

9/10 CVS. 4 boxes of oatmeal, various flavors.  FREE

9/11 Stop and Shop $58.21 Deli Hard salami, turkey breast and rare italian roast beef.  3.56 lbs of Ground Beef, and 20.8 ounces of ground turkey breast. 3 packages of mushrooms, 2.5 lbs of asparagus.  Quaker rice cakes chocolate and cheddar.  Bays english muffins (still trying to avoid buying from the farmers market.  These were actually very good, I think we have a winner) 8 pc fried chicken for DH. Large family size bag of Utz chips (DH's favorite) Orange Juice.

9/13 for snacks for DH's lunches.  He hasn't touched anything yet.  Also included an iced coffee that I have been wanting to try.  $77.81

9/15 Target to get stocked up on Bush's Sciracha beans (limited) Gpa P loved.  I had coupons, and there is a Savings Star Deal which I reached.  16.88

9/18 $3.75 sourdough boule

9/19 Big Y 8.38 after savings star, checkout 51 and coupons.  Two avocados, 5 lbs potatoes, 1.72 lb of BS chicken thighs and a can of rotel tomatoes.

9/26 $38.24  Three HUGE Big Y Roasting chickens .68 a pound.  Two packages of Ground veal dated 9/27 with $2.00 off stickers on them and one package of turkey italian hot sausage with a $1.00 off sticker.  2 bananas that I got for free after Ibotta.  5 lb bag of potatoes and celery.

$462.52         So, over my 400 dollar goal but UNDER my previous 500 goal (which I always went way over)  Funny huh?   We did bring back some baked goods from PA, but I target that as vacation $$. Though it will go towards meals.   Since alot of these purchases haven't even been touched yet I am counting on these purchases to be eaten in October.  I will again set the budget for $400 and focus on loss leaders and big sales only.  My market share is almost done (a little less than $100 left)


  1. Even though you went over your mark, you got some amazing deals and were able to buy quite a bit of meat! I am in awe of what you were able to accomplish - especially considering our stores our comparable price wise! =)

  2. Great job Sandie! Congrats on coming in at below $500 even though you were shooting for $400. Maybe next month?

    How did you get the oatmeal for free at CVS? Did you use ECBs to buy them? I know, I'm nosy :)

    1. Yes, ECB's! Love CVS. Could never figure out rite aid even though sluggy tries to explain it every month and I study it. Walgreens annoys me that you can't use points on deals with points.

  3. It seems you got some really good deals. Will you eat all that in September, or is some of it stock-up items?
    Practical Parsimony

  4. Most of it is still here in the pantry in the freezers. DH jumped on that beef loin though that was gone two days after I bought it. A lot of the snacks and what I call junkfood haven't even been touched between don't have to buy any for several months, I'm roasting one of the chickens now but the other two are in the freezer and most of the meet is in the freezer. Deli meats are gone the squashes are still unused. The Gatorade and the Snapple or halfway consumed . I did freeze half of the baked goods so we still have those as well .


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