Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our adventures and purchases in PA

I have included lots of links to the products and stores/markets I mention in this post, but we were not compensated in any way.  I just want to share with you all these exciting places and items.

The sign from the main road

Well, we were finally there on a Friday.  The Green Dragon Farmers Market and Auction are only open on Fridays!!!  9 am - 9 p.m.  The only purchase I made was 6 handmade toddler friendly cloth birds for $10.00.  The detail is amazing!


We wanted to buy so much, but it was our first day there, and the produce would have spoiled, and we didn't want to lug 50 lbs of potatoes (13.00) or 50 lbs of onions (8.00) up to the room.  DH is still talking forlornly about these missed deals.   Huge beautiful broccoli for $1.00 a head.  We definitely need to plan a weekday only trip now, so that we leave on a Saturday morning.

DH was just drooling to be able to stuff his new RTIC cooler.  We purchased the medium sized.  We need the largest, lol. The ice stayed frozen for 2 days.  Only three of the pies (we bought 8) defrosted, so we cooked those our first day home.  All else remained rock hard frozen.

We of course went to stoltzfus meats where we got Liverwurst, burgers, sausage links,  sausage patties and Zook's Homemade chicken, beef and sausage pot pies.  OMG so good.

Kauffmans fruit farm market is also another place we stop.  I bought three single servings and one quart of the best yogurt in the world.  We have purchased it directly from the farm in past visits, but once I knew they had it at Kauffman's I saved a trip.   We also got some bulk crackers, sesame sticks, pretzels, couscous, 6 apple cider donuts made while I waited that melted in my mouth (no I did not eat all 6) and a four pack of mini pumpkin whoopie pies (yummo)


  1. It all sounds delicious, Sandie. But don't the doughnuts hurt your stomach?

    I was wondering how you would freeze 50 lbs of onions until I remembered that you live where it gets cold and you probably have a basement too! Sorry you couldn't partake. How far of a trip is Lancaster Co for you? Do you go often?

  2. These donuts do not hurt me. I still haven't found the magic formula though, as sometimes what doesn't bother me suddenly does. It takes us just over 4 hours to get to Lancaster county. We go 4-5 times a year, sometimes for work related events and sometimes just because.


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