Sunday, September 11, 2016

Meals this past week and putting more produce up

9/5 - 9/11

No pictures!   So sorry.    

Italian sausage (pork) peppers, onions and potatoes

Roasted chicken breasts, rice, roasted squash and okra

Grilled beef tenderloin (DH was in heaven as I got a deal at Shoprite) rice, grilled onions, mushrooms.

Swiss Chard and Sausage

Stop and Shop fried Chicken

I was able to freeze enough individual meals of chicken and beef for myself as I am not really eating much anymore.    At times in pain.   Please, not looking for any comments or sympathy.  It is was it is.   I haven't started having dramatic weight loss which is good.    I am using my 21 day protein and carb containers.    

I froze enough of the tenderloin for a stew in the future.   

Most lunches were leftovers, some peanut butter sandwiches and tuna.  

Breakfast was halves of croissants frozen in previous months, cereal, turkey breakfast sausage

I blanched and froze 2 bunches of chard, 2 lbs of carrots, a bunch of purple long beans plus a few green beans from my own plants.  2 pounds of onions were chopped and frozen.   Also a pound of beets.   What a pretty color!


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