Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Frugal Activities and keeping busy

I have felt like a chicken with her head cut off this week.  DH second week of working, and he is frustrated, but I am not going to get into that here.  Hopefully receiving a check tomorrow will at least make this temporary gig worthwhile.

I have been getting back into my school year routine, and with him out of the house in the morning I can stay focused and get a lot done.  I'm trying to get all errands and chores done while he isn't here, so that we can focus on each other when I get home (who are we kidding, he's usually asleep on the couch by time I get home)

So, this week I've done business related paperwork during the mornings.  I combine book keeping with exercise (ipad and quickbooks) and doing strength training and elliptical.  So far it's been working.   I use voice activation for dictating emails and lesson plans.  I just proof read afterwards before hitting send.

Actual teaching hours are M 3-8, T 9 - 8, W 3-9, Th 2-7, Fri 1-7 and S 730 am - Noon.

Also took my Mother to an eye appointment.  (she has wet macular degeneration and has  partial vision loss)  She has a big milestone birthday coming up this year, and we are taking her to Amish country to see all the sights and quilts that we tell her about before she cannot see them.

Anyway, laundry.  In the past I was doing hang up loads and dryer loads separately, even though they were like colors.  I thought it was saving me time, but it actually was costing me more time and more resources (water, electric, soap)  I have gotten 4-5 loads down to 2.  Darks and whites.  I just have to be vigilant when separating for drying time.

Making my own coffee, both hot brewed and cold brewed.

Baking a cake from scratch.  Was a bit dry (I did taste a corner) I think I baked it a bit too long.  But it tastes good, and I know what's in it!

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  1. You're not kidding... you ARE busy! I didn't realize you worked so much. 6 days a week! What field is your husband working in?

    I'm very impressed with your multitasking abilities. Bookkeeping while on the elliptical? How is that even possible?! You're superwoman.

    I use dictation once in a while as well, but with my accent, I have to correct a lot of things and sometimes I think it just doesn't save me any time, lol. It does better when I dictate in French (letters to my family).

    I don't separate my laundry at all. Everything gets washed and dried together. I usually do 2 "super" loads a week for Greg and myself and the bath towels, kitchen cleaning cloths, etc. And then the kids do 1 big load each per week.

    Your cake looks yummy. I sure would like a piece of it right now with my decaf instant coffee...


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