Thursday, August 18, 2016


I had posted a few days back a toning 30 day experiment.    I have been able to do it except for the length of time the planks are up to now.     Due to past shoulder injuries and needing to use my arms every day to play I have not forced myself to do the 40 plus second planks.   I can do 26 seconds before the shoulder screams, so I will do several a day that total that one long plank.   

It has been a stressful week (but again successful).      I didn't have a Rock n Bows intensive planned this year as I couldn't fit a full week of closing studio in the month of August.  (There is one next August).    I canceled it last year as I just wasn't feeling it, with various things in my personal world and health exhausting me I know it was the right decision.    But this week, the bulk of my fiddlers had begged cajoled bullied (said tongue in cheek) to do SOMETHING.  soooooooo......... a 10 hour rock intensive.    No performance, no picnic.    Just lots of fun rock and pop music with a group of great musicians.    5 hours yesterday and today.    Today will be less stressful (yesterday DH and I had instrument set up and space staging and we tend to bicker)      Now the kids (and some adults too) know the music, know the way the group works and of course know that Mr J is bringing pizza today!

We also planned (and I purchased last night) music for the year of ensemble and next summers big Rock Intensive) so it is another success!   Especially that all the new members left smiling!

I also haven't been going to SB as I have been using up all the Stok Cold brewed coffee I got with high value coupons AND making my own cold brew with my large stash of SB cafe Verona.     My cupboards are going to be bare when the summer is over.  But I am saving money by not spending any.   With DH still not working that is how I am being proactive.   

Last success was going out in the garden just before it got too dark and picking this. 


Beautiful fresh basil.   Already prepped and frozen in EVOO for a future pesto. 


  1. Successes all around! It's awesome that you just modified the plank exercise to the time you can do rather than just give up! And, NOT going to SB too? Determination is coursing through your veins woman! ;)

  2. Plank? Screaming shoulders? That sounds very painful all around, kudos for you to even attempt to do it for 2 seconds!

    I always feel like I should make pesto with my basil since everyone else make it with theirs, but then I think about the fact that we never eat pesto, we all eat our pasta plain most of the time. I dry some of mine or use it fresh on caprese salads when I'm not on a diet. Your basil looks beautiful. I love the smell of it. Aah.

    Good for you for using up your stock of coffee instead of spending money at Starbucks! I don't know why it's so difficult for some of us to dip into our stockpile. I have this fear of running out of things, but I have so much, I could probably not go shopping for several weeks if I didn't mind not having much fruit around!


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