Sunday, August 21, 2016

Freebies this week

Did anyone else become a member of the pancake IHOP club?    Ion ally do not eat here, but figured I might take someone who likes pancakes.     Note your freebie expires 14 days from day it is sent to you.    A free full stack 3 times a year.      

I also decided since I have a few projects that are scholarship based or donation based that I really do need to find out more about non profit status.    So, I found a used copy of a book on the subject for a penny and shipping is 3.99.   However, I used my Amazon points.   So free!


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  1. Woohoo! I love freebies. I didn't know about the iHOP program but I don't eat there either. By the time I'd get to the closest one, I'd have made 2 batches of pancakes already :) It's a great freebie for college students, though, I'll have to mention it to my daughter when she moves out next year.Thanks for sharing.

    I love buying used books via Amazon. Many times the condition is much better than I expected and I spend a fraction of the cost of a new book. Plus, like you, I wait until I have rewards or gift cards to use up so I can get them free. That is, if I have the patience to wait!


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