Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Medical issues

I am still waiting to have some tests and procedures done.  My autoimmune system is going insane, and I have days of extreme pain.  Not just stomach pain, but joint and muscle pain.   Yesterday was one of the worst days, where literally everything hurt.  It is hard to do anything when you are in pain, let alone be a pleasant music teacher.  I caught myself holding back  tears several times during the day yesterday.

I'm sure that part of it is that I overdo on the days I feel good.  I also have worked everyday since the 16th, including two back to back children's birthday parties on Sunday.  I am looking forward to Labor day, when I have NOTHING to do.

I know that part of the pain is from trying to eat food.  I've had some pasta, some french baguette bread.  Easy on the digestive system but not on my joints.  So today, I am going back to my mostly liquid form of nourishment.  If I cannot eat the way I used to (lots of raw veggies, whole grains and nuts) I don't want to eat foods that will make me hurt in even more ways.

I have been to doctors many times about this pain.  I am frustrated, and am trying to just maintain a balance until we get to the route of the new intestinal issues.  We should hopefully have more answers by June 5th.


  1. I hope the time until June 5th passes quickly and you get some answers. Chronic pain is no fun....

  2. I've been thinking of you but didn't want to bother you...PLEASE text me if you need anything -- even if it's just to cry or vent!


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