Friday, May 27, 2016

It pays to be vigilant

Had to get some necessities at Walgreens today after teaching.    Knowing that one of my items was close to $30.00 I was not phased when the cashier said my total was $44.05.   I only had 20's, so I gave him $60.00.   When he handed me my change of $5.95 I questioned him.   I am sure I gave you sixty dollars.    No, you gave me forty.   But you said my balance was $44.05, that is why I gave you sixty.    No, it is $34.05.   Okay, then I heard you wrong, but I know I gave you sixty, I watched you count my three twenties.   No, you gave me forty, that is what I entered.    I then said, okay.    I may be wrong, but I would like to know if there is a way to check the drawer.    

He called a manager over who said she would cash out the register.    She counted everything out.   Then said I will be right back.    Cashier came back and said we were all set.    I said that I didn't think so, as she said she would be right back.    I told people who were lining up behind me there was a discrepancy with the drawer.   

The manager came back.   Asked me how much I felt I was owed.   I said twenty dollars.    She replied, you are correct.   The drawer is over by twenty.  

I don't think (or I hope) it wasn't an intentional error.    I am glad I was right, and that I remained pleasant and positive.   With DH not working, losing twenty dollars is not something I want to do right now.  

The manager handled the situation swiftly and politely.   


  1. Sorry you had to go thru that; it can be unsettling but I agree, $20 is $20 -ever more important with your financial situation. Good for you to stick to your guns.

  2. Things like that are one of the main reasons I use my card for everything. I know how much i can spend in a month and pay it off when the bill comes.


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