Friday, April 8, 2016

Food purchases in PA

All items shown and/or written about were allocated from our food budget. Two more packages of the pretzel mix that my husband loved to but I made it for him last month. $3.88 each

Roadside stand ketchup four dollars

Hot sauce from the same stand, four dollars

Larger bottle of catchup from a different roadside stand six dollars. I also got a large bottle of honey and honey comb for 995

The five jars from the intercourse canning company totaled $28. But I had a five dollar coupon off of a $25 purchase which they deducted, and they have a punchcard program which I have filled half of prior next trip in June. After you purchased 10 jars you can receive an additional jar free.

The applesauce was four dollars. Jar on the far right

We also purchased Zooks chicken pot pie, a pound of Italian sausage from the Stolfuzs meat shop. A pound of beef kielbasa and meat sticks also from the meat shop, a large jar of freshly made horseradish, 5 pounds of the Amish made butter in a huge roll which I have divided up and frozen most of it. Several breads.Total spent on fresh meats and bakery items was $78

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