Monday, February 8, 2016

Swagbucks? UPDATE

Can someone explain it to me?  I was doing a qualifier for a survey and got chosen.  I spent 20 minutes doing the 18 minute survey to get to the end have it tell me I completed it but the survey was closed out.

Is this a scam?  Do they have you do the surveys just to NOT give you the bucks?

UPDATE  When I relogged in the next morning the points were there!  Thanks everyone for the information.  I have now done two more surveys and points were credited.   I cannot sit long enough to do more than one a day, but I am trying to be more proactive in getting this little extra 'pin money'.

DH says I'm silly.  But I say every little bit helps.


  1. If you go to their Help page and fill it out (explaining what happened when you took the survey) Swaybacks will most likely go ahead and give you the points. I found their customer service to be superb, and they always took care of problems like this quickly.

  2. It's not a scam but it IS frustrating! I haven't done any surveys in about a week or two because I didn't have the time to sit, answer a TON of questions and then get rejected from the survey! I admit I haven't ever complained to Customer Service though. Let us know if you do and how it goes! =)


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