Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It pays to write to a company

I get a newsletter once in a while from earthbound Farm organic products. In this last newsletter it said click here for $.75 coupon. No matter what browser alI used, it would loop me back around to the beginning of where I started and say that I didn't have an account with them. But I would enter in my email and password it would say great you are a member click here. And round and round it went.

I wrote to customer service and they wrote me back and said it had then fixed and to try again. Same problem so I wrote again, said I was having the same problem as detailed in the below email communications and could they possibly mail me a coupon. I was only hoping for a $.75 coupon. I got a really nice letter a recipe book and all of these coupons!!

SCORE!!! nicely done earthbound Farm


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