Sunday, January 31, 2016

To do list/Goals

These are all personal goals.     

    Make one craft a week.    I want to make more gifts and items that make me happy.  

    I collect buttons.   I regret to this day forgetting my grandmothers hat box full of buttons when I moved after my first marriage dissolved.    By time I realized it, it was long gone.   She used to let me play with her 'jewels' when I was little.    I was thrilled to have them when she died, and looked forward to doing the same with my own daughter.    But life happened, and when she was 2 years old my sixteen year marriage was over.   Other things took over.......

     Flash forward 21 years later.   DH encourages me to do silly things for myself.   He brings me to antique shops and points out jars of buttons and says go to town.   I try to spend small amounts and get pleasure spending hours sorting and finding true gems (Bakelite, porcelain) to me. 

   I have been searching craft ideas on Pinterest with buttons.    Here is my first completed project

Throw out/donate/upcycle 10 things a week.     This week I went through my jewelry box and pulled out all the costume pieces I have not worn in years.   I added them to a craft box for another project that is in the planning stages.   15 pieces potentially up cycled.   

  I also gifted my friend a six quart crockpot from my collection.    Gpa P was excited that he won me a new one at a pasta dinner (boyscout fundraiser) and I have been planning on asking her if she had wanted it for a while.   This pushed me to do it.   

Post four things for sale a month on eBay or craigslist.

Continue to go past 10k steps a day.   I will now post my Fitbit tally here nightly.   

Continue to be in the moment.   Enjoy the animals in my yard.   Plan my garden.   Try to be more patient with Gpa P.   Have improved Grace with my Mother.   Be a supportive partner to my husband and a supportive Mom to my DD (do we ever stop worrying?)

Plan a fun birthday adventure for DH.   

Do more things alone or with friends.  This month I did coffee with a new blogger friend (shout out to Trayceebee) and today I went to a tea/history lecture with my dear friend Margaret.    Here is a pic of my plate.  I admit I had coffee not tea.  LOL. 


Business wise, I want to always be an enthusiastic and creative role model.    I have some master class ideas rolling around in my brain.    I have new toddler classes starting this week.   Ensemble performance at the historical society biannual meeting in March.    I have a new mini rock workshop to plan for August.   We cannot forget June recitals!  

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Let's do it again soon! =)
    Love the finished craft project - such sleek colors!
    I was thinking about asking for a Fitbit for my birthday...I'm guessing you really like yours? Any drawbacks to it?
    Great goals for the upcoming month too!
    And, nope! I don't think we Moms ever get a break from worrying! LOL
    Talk soon!


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