Sunday, January 17, 2016

Can Can week 3

There really wasn't much on my list this week and I injured my wrist so I kept putting off going. Imagine my angst, violinists with an injured rest.

After wearing a brace for several days I started to feel better and at the end of a very long week I was at ShopRite in Wallingford at 8 PM on Friday.  

The reason I went was that it was the last week of the olive oil sale and I wanted to get more tomatoes just in case they weren't on week 4 sale. So I spent $80.82 cash.

I purchased three cases of Poland Springs water. One more can of extra-virgin olive oil. One more case of crushed tomatoes. Eight more jars of Colonna pasta sauce at $.77 a jar. Two more containers of Colonna Italian breadcrumbs at $.77.

Scott toilet paper and paper towels. All on sale with the flier coupons and I had some manufacture coupons. In return I received three dollars off your next order. 

Four cans of Progresso French onion soup. I received a dollar back from IBOTTA.  I use this as a base for some recipes.

One red pepper which I got money back on with the same app, 10 pounds of potatoes purchased at $.99 per 5 pound bag.

Because there was a deal for Wrights bacon again on the same app I purchased another 24 ounce package. Not the cheapest bacon but definitely the best that we have had in a long time that isn't from a local farm.  I also will get some money back on one jar of the pasta sauce.

A loaf of the bimbo bread for the DH and a four pack of coconut Greek yogurt for myself as well as a 2 1/2 dozen eggs package ShopRite brand for 4.49. I thought that was a great price.  Grandpa P has going on an egg eating binge again and I've had to replenish eggs twice this month.

So more of a pantry stock up trip than anything else but I'm still happy with the price.   According to my receipt I said $64.78 based on the sale, manufacturer and store coupons plus I'll be getting another two dollars back from the app. And I received three dollars on your next order coupon so I'm pleased.

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