Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Meal

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   It is truly my favorite holiday.  One of the few times a year I take 4 days off (this year I took Wednesday off as well, only day my daughter could come home for a brief holiday).    I took two hours of quiet time when no one was home and chopped 3 pounds of onions, a bunch of celery, peeled turnips and potatoes.   Prepped brussel sprouts (already plucked, had to cut in half)  Mushrooms wiped off and broken up.  All veges stored in baggies (I reuse bags that held produce).   Sausage for the dressing was cooked and drained.

  Here are some pictures of the final meal.  Not shown are pierogies (my family though Italian on my Father's side lived in Austria..I grew up hearing a combination of the two we have combinations of Italian and German foods at most holidays)  Brussel sprouts, sausage dressing, gravy, corn.  

I utilized every crockpot I own for this day.   Mushrooms with onions and garlic above.    Plenty of butter too. 

Turnips in vegetable broth which were mashed with salt and pepper. 

Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil .   

Peeled potatoes ready to boil to become mashed.  

The splurge, heritage bird fresh from a local farm.  $56.00.   24 lbs.  ( still did get two of the .59 cent a pound frozen birds....those are for winter months)  Potatoes were less than .50, pierogies were from a local church bazaar, $10, and worth every penny.  Brussels were probably $1 (farmers market) turnip $1, sausage 2.50, onions .99, celery .99, cranberry relish (gifted), corn free (couponed) stuffing mix 2.50.

Total spent $75.48

Meals provided 23 plus. At the most $3.28 per serving.  Since I still have left overs (which I told Gpa P not to eat anymore as it was four days)  I also froze some meat and made stock.  

What did you do with your leftovers?

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  1. What did you think of the local turkey compared to the ones at the grocery store? The local ones intrigued me but I had heard they taste more "gamey". Is that just a myth? I kinda hope so because I would love to try one next year.

    I sent my parents home with about 1/2 of the turkey leftovers. Then I made a killer yummy stock using my crockpot. I froze about 1/2 of a breast. We made four mini turkey pot pies. And then the rest of the leftovers were just eaten "as is". The only thing I have remaining is a little bit of cranberry sauce - which I may turn into muffins. And some leftover pickings of meat off the crockpot-ed turkey carcass- which I am mixing into the dog's food as a treat but also to make the dry food last longer.


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