Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre Thanksgiving Meals

I have been getting into my winter cooking groove.   I am definitely a soup, stew, baking type of cook.  

So far I have made Fake Baked potato soup (cauliflower), butternut squash soup and pasta sauce (DH made meatballs).

DH also grilled steak tips with mashed potatoes and mixed frozen veggies.  I froze half of the cooked tips to use in a future soup.    I did not have any of the tips, but will enjoy the soup.    I also made a meatloaf using some of the ground beef not used in the meatballswith a pound of ground pork.  Topped it with some of my friend Margarets homemade canned tomato jam.   

On pasta night I had some of the leftover frozen veggies with sauce and 2 ounces of linguine. I topped it with two meatballs.     I try very hard to watch what I eat.  A serving of pasta is literally four forkfuls.   Was a real eye opener for my father and uncle.   

I much prefer fish and vegetables.    The men prefer meat.   I try to keep all of us happy.  

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