Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Deal Finder Radar again working and washing machine funeral

Target has buy 3 get one Free on sixteen count  Starbucks K cups and 12 ounce ground or bean coffee.  Not a cheap brand, so I look for deals whenever I can.  This is enough coffee for 5 - 6 months.  K cups for the morning, ground for me to make cold press.    Not pictured is one French Roast K cup box which DD will take back up north with her.   I am a coffee snob.  I only drink coffee and water (an occasional diet coke, but rarely).  I have tried less expensive brands and have not enjoyed them.  So, DH and I agreed that this is my splurge.  101.91 - 9.00 - 4.65 =  $88.26.   $14.71 a month average. 

I had $18.00 in ECB's to use up before Saturday.   I got DH three twelve packs of Diet Dr. Pepper and a six pack of Scott papertowels.     I paid .79 cents!

And now the bad news.  Washing machine went the way of the dinosaur.   Not a great time with a houseguest, my schedule ramping up and DD home to try and do some laundry.   Of course DH had just splurged and gotten a pair of binoculars (he is a raptor seeker).   Never fails that when you spend some money and unexpected expense crops up, right?

 I did some research as DH was taking the water OUT of the nonworking machine.  I went with the cheapest and least complicated of the top 10 washers of 2015. Whirlpool Duet.  I got free delivery (it's coming today!) used a $50 dollar coupon and interest free for 12 months using our Sears card.  I then went to the energizeCT site and submitted my emailed receipt.  Got a $50.00 rebate from the state of CT which has already been approved and is on it's way in the form of a prepaid Visa card.  

I tried my best. $619.00     How do you think I did?  


  1. my rental has whirlpool duet he machines and I like them, they are an older, but barely used pair

  2. We have a duet set. I like them just fine. There are some times when I think a little more water in a load would be better but our clothes are clean.

  3. Sounds like you got a deal on the washer.
    RIP old washer. ;-)


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