Saturday, June 6, 2015

Working way to much and June grocery and other purchases so far

Wow, working 12 hour days with people at two different locations and then putting in another 4 or 5 hours for studio work and recital work and I am fried.  Plan on taking it things low and slow for the rest of today and tomorrow.  Darling Hubby has had to pick up the slack and do bank and errand runs on top of auto maintenance and his usual other obligations to the household.  He is definitely more the 'stay at home' partner than I am, though he also works a full time job managing a warehouse. 

Thank goodness for mobile deposits and online invoicing, or I would really be insane this week.
I have had to be even more organized than usual, and I have hit some road bumps.  We had to do takeout twice this past week, and we ran out of alot of things as I just haven't had any free mornings (except for Friday) and in that morning I got my hair done and was able to get to Walgreens.

Food purchases this month so far

In Vermont (technically a May purchase but I counted it towards June as it was May 31st) over half a pound of FiddleHeads.  Oh my, a delicious spring time weakness for me, and one I look forward to every year.  What made this sweeter was the price.  I paid $4.91.  The price in the market we went to in Vermont was $7.99 a pound.  I probably should have bought more and blanched/froze them, but I wasn't sure they would do well with that.  This week I found them in CT for the equivalent of almost $28 dollars a pound!!!!!!   A quarter of a pound for 6.99.  From now on, I will only buy them when we are in VT or NH.  

A splurge the beginning of the week to make sure I had plenty to eat all week during the day.  I brought three boxed organic soups with me from the pantry, and I purchased A bag of salad mix, a pound of premade tuna salad, a cucumber/onion salad and a sourdough batard as well as a bottle of diet coke (this was a huge splurge and it lasted all week, I rarely drink soda).  $16.20

Big Y

Two 10 ounce package of cantaloupe and a bag of organi baby carrots (FREE with gold coins!)  A savings of $5.49

10 ounces of pineapple, 2.5 dozen eggs, a large container of all egg whites, gallon of milk, two packages of cheese ends from the deli, 3 boxes of ronzoni smart fiber pasta (Oh my, these were less than half of Dreamfields, my usual choice) Almost 4.5 pounds of 85% lean ground beef  and three pound packages of ground pork that were dated June 3rd so they had $2.00 off each.  I ended up paying $3.04 a pound.

3 pounds of bananas at .59 a pound, 5 pounds of potatoes and 5 pounds of vidalia onions.  

Total for food was $67.72

BJ's wholesale (with husband on Saturday)

Two cases of water, 15 pack of dannon light and fit drinkable yogurt, 2 bags tortillas we were out), Skinny Pop popcorn in a big bag for Gpa P and a 20 pack of the same for DH lunch.  Black and green olives (we were out), hormel crumbled bacon (we were out) a large box of Special K (two big bags). A case of kraft mac and cheese.  I think loss leader would have been a better deal, but this month is a crap shoot for finding deals.   $97.70 (ouch.....but the kraft mac-cheese/olives/bacon/cereal will last more than a month)   

DH also went to BJ's earlier in the week and got a package of steak tips for $24.00.  Again ouch, but I wasn't home to argue.  It did last for two days worth of meals.  

Shoot, almost half of our food budget gone and it's only 6/6/15.  I'm going to have to try and be more on top of planning these next two weeks.  
$210.53 spent

Non food purchases:

Renewal of my big y silver card membership 

Liquid Plumber hair clog

Scope, Clip on Sunglasses (I have been meaning to get these for a while), 5 pack of gardening gloves, Stephen King's newest novel (I guess I should share with all of you some day how I met DH) 18 pack of sponges and steamer trays (we use these for so many things)  $ 62.72

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