Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tried something new..............Amazon Pantry

Even though we went to BJ's wholesale this weekend, we actually only purchased one thing for DH's lunches.  Nothing interested him, and I was getting frustrated as he was getting the 'well then don't make me a lunch' which was code for I'll just go out every day.  Oh no, we don't want that.

So, with some credits at Amazon (a mypoints gift card, a swagbucks gift card, and a saved up $10.00 credit) I was armed with $40 dollars to spend.

Amazon Pantry has you put things in your box and keep track of the percentage of the box that is filled.  You can keep things in your cart for weeks (but remember that items might run out and then you are out of luck)  There is a per box shipping fee of $5.99.   There are coupons that you can clip on certain items........and I'm learning what is a good price or not.

I spent $45.28 out of pocket which included the shipping (after coupons and giftcards/credits).  I felt the shipping fee was justifiable based on how busy this month has become for our household/business.

$12.00 of the items was Method Granite cleaner which I prefer, and this was for two 28 ounce bottles.  A six box (120 tissue each) kleenex set  was $8.81 and a tube of Amore tomato paste $2.32.  Those were household/pantry items.

 All the rest were things for his lunchbox. $22.15 spent on the following.  Crackers, (goldfish in cheddar flavor and goldfish in sweet and savory flavors all individual bags)  a case of assorted pretzels/chips.  A jar of cashews, a box of cheezits, a big bag of Animal Crackers, 2 boxes of coffee cakes, 2 big bags of smartfood, a bottle of country time liquid lemonade starter (been wanting to try this for him) and fiber one chocolate chip cookies.  A total of 110 individual items.  Plus a few boxes/bags/jar.

All prices were comparable to on sale at Target or other stores.

I know that purchasing these individual bags are not cost effective for most households, even though I clipped coupons.  In our household, Gpa P will NOT eat these individual bags, as we have gotten him to understand those are for DH's lunch.  You see, if I didn't drill this in to him, he would eat 5 or 6 little bags at a time.

Gpa P has a wooden leg.  We worry that he binge eats, and have suspected purging.  Today he consumed 2 thirds of a 6 quart crockpot of soup .   He has been known to consume an entire quiche, half a pan of brownies.  

To compensate, when I buy these individual bags I also buy a big bag of the same items.  Those are for Gpa P to take bowls of.  And what you and I would consider an appropriate size for cereal/chili/pasta are not his idea of a serving.  He uses serving bowls.  Makes me nuts that he is not heavier than he is.

So, I feel confident I have enough snacks now for DH's lunchbox, and I will add yogurts and fresh fruit as well as cheese/salami and crackers.  These other items I buy in bulk and divide up.


  1. The $22 spent towards DH's lunch is probably 2 lunches out , so in the end, you are ahead of the game, doing what works for your family

  2. I think that you worked a really good deal. I need to spend more time checking out Amazon, it seems to offer way more than I knew about.


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