Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All the furniture is here!

The final piece   Finally!    And no speeding tickets!

The beautiful details on this hatbox.  

 The one on the right was supposed to be mine, but we decided (did we?)  DH decided that it was larger and that he would take it.  I got the smaller (and honestly the first piece that I found, so I am happy with it) hatbox cabinet, and I got the entire 3 drawer oak cabinet.

We still plan on ripping all the carpet out, and I'm not thrilled that the cable box is on my hatbox cabinet but I will manage to deal with it.  I would like to hide the wires better.

The chair in between the hatbox cabinets is a library chair.  It can flip out into a ladder.

The best part of this adventure is how great the business owners at http://lasttimearoundantiques.com/  .

We had made plans with them to come back up early on Father's Day to pick up this last piece.  They were returning from Aruba (and had left for this trip 4 days after we made the purchases).  Well, they got stuck, and were not going to be back in time.  They found a friend who had access to their store, they had him call us, and he let us know he would be meeting us.  They were stuck in an airport and remembered that we were coming and made sure we got our furniture.  Now that is great customer service, and I hope that the majority of my clients feel about me the way I feel about this antique store owners.  

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