Sunday, May 17, 2015

The garden update

Flowers are starting to bloom!     The recent rains took the last of my tulips out.    Believe me that they were stunning.    I had some three foot long stems with four inch tall orange blossoms around Dominic the Donkey cart.  

I have blue Columbine. 

bleeding Heart

Morning bells

An old Lilac Bush circa my Grandparents that i am going to take 1/3 of the old wood out of and cut the rest down to 8 inches as soon as the blooms are spent.  

Lots of onions

Green beans


Peas and oregano 

Entire bed of strawberries with rhubarb in the middle.


Lemon balm. 

The asparagus is spent, but I do have some horseradish to harvest.   Anyone local want chives, horseradish, oregano or lemon balm?    Can just harvest or give you roots too for replanting.  

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