Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zaycon Roasts O My! Referral Link

Please note I do not get compensated for my reviews of any Zaycon meats.  I am very excited about the savings and quality (mostly) of the products I've purchased.  I do get a $1.00 for each person who goes through my referral link if they make a purchase.  My link will be listed below. 

Doesn't this look gorgoeus?   I split a case with two friends (and shared one of my 4 with a cousin)  This week was the first time I was able to cook one.   Browned it up and added it to the crockpot on top of two Tbspns tomato paste, Two Beef stock concentrated gel packs, lots of black pepper, two onions sliced the last of a bag of small carrots and 4 peeled white potatoes.  

On low for 8 hours, the meat was falling apart.  It smelled and tasted delicious.  I had seconds, which with beef is UNHEARD OF IN OUR HOUSE. 

MY DH, who has a culinary degree and was a caterer in his younger life said it was GREAT.  He never says that.    Here is the description of the Roasts from the ZayconFoods Website. 

USDA Choice Chuck Roast

  • USDA Choice or Higher Grade
  • 12 individually wrapped roasts per case
  • Delivered frozen for freshness
  • Limited quantities

There were two negatives.  These roasts are just too darned small.  I cooked the largest one for us, we each had seconds.  There is probably two more servings left.   if Gpa P was home, I would need to cook the last two together. 

I also wasn't happy that though they tell you the price of the roasts and anticipated poundage per case, they were WAY OFF with our first time purchase.  You have to pre -purchase your case.  Price was 208.44 for 36 pounds (5.79 per pound)  I fronted the money for our group.  We actually only got 22 pounds,  and they don't refund the difference back to your card, they give you an account credit.  So I made sure to use it asap, and got another case of chicken just this week, which I then split with a friend who reimbursed me.  This is the one caveat that I warn to people.  After a year of a credit being on your account you can request a refund, but not sooner.  

But knowing this, and having been very happy with the products we have gotten thus far (93% ground beef, boneless/skinless chicken breasts three times/chuck roasts)  I will continue to deal with this company. 

If you would like to check them out too, please consider going through my link and registering on their site to get on their mailing list.  As mentioned above, if you ever make a purchase, I get a credit of $1.00.  Here is my link

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