Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shopping today and a Balance Rewards Deal!

Today I went to BJ's, I had a $3.00 coupon off of fresh salmon.    I got a big boneless filet, enough for two days worth of meals.  Some Snapea baked peas for myself, some trail mix for DH, 1.35 pounds of Irish Cheddar, 10 pounds of Green Giant large Russet potatoes (DH request, works out to .39 a pound), 3 pounds of long and  thin sweet potatoes (1.99) and a frozen bag of Barramundi filets (24 ounces).  Total spent was 65.97

I then went to Walgreens to pick up two scripts for myself.  Really loving the new insurance plan.  What used to be almost 30 dollar copay was now cut in half.  I then went to see if any canned fish was on sale (listening to CTMOM's previous mention of it sometimes being on special at this store)

I didn't find any canned fish deals, but I did see Last Chance stickers on Libby's 100% pumpkin.  .69 a can.  Usually 1.99 without a sale (according to the shelf tag!)   I grabbed the last three.  Sure enough, they rang up .69 each.  But it got sweeter!   

I was all prepared to shell over $2.07 after tax.  This was a steal.  Then the cashier asked if I would like to use my Reward Points?  What?  I thought I had used up all my points.  He claimed if I entered in my zipcode I would only pay .07.    Here's the proof!

Still don't understand this Balance Reward completely.  Walgreen's seems to limit when they show up on the register.  But I'll take free cans of Pumpkin!

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  1. Awesome score on pumpkin! Check for salmon coupons in the Sunday flyers. Often Bumble Bee or Chicken of the Sea.


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