Saturday, October 11, 2014

Big spends this month, and it is only October 11th!

This month I will push all the saving limits, as well as really start to hit the pantry and freezer.

I knew we would have a lot of expenses this month, and as income came in, I made sure that all bills were covered and cash needed for various things was put aside.

It's been a heavy spend month in various ways.  Two weddings (though one I had to bow out of the day before due to a blocked eye gland that makes me look like half of my face was pummeled) Grateful my actual eye is not bloodshot, but the pain has been excruciating, I even took the day before the wedding off from work to seek medical care and rest.  Doesn't change the fact that we put aside money for the wedding gifts, and I will still give both gifts as planned.  Just without enjoying one of the festivities.  :(    Wedding gifts put aside $200.00, doctors co-pay $30, prescription $20.

Substitutes for me for one full Saturday and one half Saturday put aside. Six hours total. $150.00 cash.

A bathroom repair ended up being $350.00.  But a new floor and new pipework has resolved the issue. New vanity and faucet.  Purchased new at Lowes.  We used leftover flooring from our kitchen remodel, so that saved some expense.

Refurbishing and neatening up our kitchen and pantry has been on the to-do list.  We stayed below budget by searching various areas, including craigslist, Ikea, tag sales.  Then as we discussed more what we both envisioned, we realized we wanted a free standing on legs pantry.  We visited various hardwood unfinished furniture stores.  We finally found what we were picturing.  Got a pantry and a potato/onion cabinet.  We wanted to spend no more than $500.  Got both pieces with tax for $437.00.  We then moved the stainless steel shelving to the garage.

We have a planned weekend business/leisure trip prepaid for the last weekend of the month.  I am meeting with some composers whose work I have permission to arrange, and am delivering the score to them at a convention in NJ.   At the same time, my DH, DD and her BF will be going with us to the events. We prepaid for rooms at a hotel a few miles away from the hotel hosting the convention.  By prepaying AND using AAA we got rooms with a HOT BREAKFAST for $80 plus taxes each.  It's also part of the Marriott group, so it will go towards our points that we are saving up for a someday trip.  (We have two rooms saved already)  The tickets for the events came to $220.00.  Since I have to be at this event to meet with the composers as well as meet with some other musicians I feel it is a work related expense for my portion of the costs.

Last kitchen update is in process and will be completed next week by the same workman who did our bathroom.  He is adding a door to our open air shelving in the hallway to GPa P's apartment.  $100.00 for this job.  Here is what it looks like now.

I have been searching for a smaller viola for myself.  Due to a work related injury almost two years ago and perhaps shrinking with age, my viola was just too large for me to use anymore.  We went to a luthier's home who was closing shop, mainly to get some great brand violin strings at a huge discount, and purchase one half size and one three quarter size violins for students to use (I provide instruments to my students when necessary).  The deals were amazing, I had planned on spending no more than $1000 (cash check only) We were there almost three hours.   We got two half size violins (now I can take one back from a student that needs some work done) two three quarter size, 10 full sets of Dominant strings at a real deal, a dozen bulk dominant E strings and a VIOLA FOR ME.  A very good instrument, with one 'scar' to it's front, but no ill effect to the body or the instruments integrity.  An instrument I never could have afforded in any other instance.  Only $540 for this beautifully sounding German Hand Made instrument with a New German Bow.  But we are now over budget.  I wanted to put two of the student sized violins back, and DH convinced me that in the long run, we would need them, the prices are amazing, and I have been looking for a long time for a viola that fit me better.  So, I wrote a check for $1431.00.  Gulp.   Now trying to sell my old one.

But with all this spending and gifting, we still have a little wiggle room.  I do have another Dr. appointment with my Eye Doctor this week coming up, depending on how my GP's treatment plan turns out.  Which will mean more money out of pocket for co-pay (and another Dr. bill as I haven't met my deductible for the year, which I see as a triumph, a great health year!)

It's only the 11th of October!  All bills (including disbursement to independent teachers at studio) are written out of scheduled.  I know I'm still blessed that we can do so many of these other things, I still find it very stressful that the checkbook is looking so low.

Here is to a frugal month in the kitchen!  Which will be my next post.  :)

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