Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I am back in swing

So, I was tied up last week (almost literally).  I hold a Rock N Bows camp every August, takes almost a year to plan the next one.  It's all consuming, exhausting, and one of the most gratifying things I do.  I didn't do any shopping until the morning of the performance/picnic.  Though this trip was for this studio event, I still managed to squeeze in a few things the house was depleted of (eggs/bread/milk).  We supplied beverages and meats for the event.  Requested all attendees bring a side dish or a dessert.  (We had 150 guests not including the performers)

Do these faces look happy or what?

There was not to many leftovers, in fact all the side dishes went!  A few desserts left, most I sent home with my cousin.  I was surprised at the amount of burgers and hotdogs were left.  3 unopened packages of 16 burgers each and an unopened package of 24 Hummel hotdogs.  Also 12 patties and half a bag of hotdogs.  Plus enough rolls for all.  I shared those with my cousin as well. 

So, needless to say....we have been eating burgers and hotdogs this week (though I did freeze one package of burgers) as well as a turkey breast I roasted on Sunday (which the last of is now in a soup in the CP the stock I made on Sunday night) and Ribs from our side of pork purchase. 

This I picked up with a friend the next morning after the big event.  Man did I need some time off to sleep, but we had to be in New Haven between 830 and 9.  We purchased a 70 lb side, splitting the price.  Now we have enough pork/beef/chicken (since I know that the Zaycon chicken will be in mid October) for at least 8 months.  

The side included 3 smoked hams, 8 single pounds of ground pork, 8 packages of 4 sausage patties each (one pound) two pounds (one pound pkg each) of spare ribs, two pounds (one pound pkg each) of country ribs, 8 rib, 8 center and 8 of another cut i cannot remember.  A pork butt and a small pork loin.  Hocks, Feet, Lard, assorted packages of bones (oh the stock I will make!) and 8 pounds of bacon.  

Truly a deal, $5 a pound for locally raised pork.  This is the farm I dealt with (I had purchased individual items from them several times last year, and was so impressed by their operation I knew when the time was right I would be doing this deal.  For Mile River Farm 

I know shelling out $175.00 all at one time for alot of pork might seem frugal, but it is to me.   I know where the meat came from, I will not be purchasing meat for the most part for hopefully 8 - 10 months.  

I will still keep an eye out for discounted italian sausage.  I will still be purchasing seafood.  I will get our Thanksgiving Turkey from Gozzi's, as well as ordering our seafood and roast for Christmas. 

All in all, I have saved myself alot of time and money between a local beef purchase, zaycon ground beef and chicken breasts as well as this pork deal.  

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