Sunday, July 20, 2014

City Seed Edgewood Park Visit July 20

I love this market.  I don't go every weekend as we have lots of events out of state on Sundays (both work and pleasure) so when I am home on a Sunday morning, I phone/text my sister and my DD to see if they want to meet there.  

This weeks take was:

Beautiful bunch of swiss chard (that I weighed when I got home, 2.5 pounds) for $3.00 yes, just $3.00 for the bunch.  Already cooking in a Thai Coconut Curry and white bean soup.  Gpa P will be happy. 

Huge bunch (1.5 pounds) of flat leaf kale.  HUGE.  $1.50    I cannot find these prices anywhere else. 

6 ears of corn, all of the above items grown in Woodbridge, $3.00

Nectarines and Raspberries from Rose Farm in South Glastonbury, $9.00

A new to me cone shaped cabbage (originating in Germany) that is supposed to be crunchier and sweeter than regular green cabbage.  $2.00   I plan on making coleslaw.

A sourdough baguette, $2.50

Treats were a Basque Cake and two chocolate croissants for DD and DH $10.50 Sono Bakery

An apple cider donut that I shared with DD and her BF $1.00

$32.50 spent for my family.  I have only spent $180.00 on groceries this month for the household.  Woohoo!

I cannot forget to mention that I also picked up 2 lbs of garlic scapes for my friend Margaret H.  I think she will be making garlic pesto with it.  $20.00, an expense now, but she will have the luxury of enjoying it all winter.  

Everything was organic!

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  1. The scapes are washed, cut and measured. I hope to toast the pignoli tonight and have jelly jars of pesto in the freezer by Saturday! Can't wait to open a jar of garlicky goodness on a cold winter's night. Thanks again for picking them up for me!


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