Wednesday, July 30, 2014

City Seed Edgewood Park Farmers Market July 27th

Lots of good stuffs were found this trip.  I was saddened to find out the window for garlic scapes was gone, and kicked myself that I didn't get some for myself last visit.  Oh well, live and learn.

More spicy arugala for my salads, $2.00.  The biggest blackberries I have ever seen, $4.00. Rasperries $4.00.  Oversized squashes $1.00 a pound (and a quiche was made this morning, with the rest of them sliced thin and frozen for future quiches/breads) spent $2.42.    Nice summer squash $2.00 a pound spent 3.59.  Corn .50 an ear (got 6)

Though I enjoy reading about other people's (including my sister's) CSA's, I prefer going to the market and picking out what I know will go at our house.

I also got my DH a chocolate bundle from SONO bakery and a loaf of their sourdough boule.  I love this bakery, and feel they are worth every penny.  $5.50.

I've decided I will stay away from any other prepared foods at the market, I find them to be over priced, and not to our liking.

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