Sunday, July 20, 2014

A kitchen vintage find

My DH and I believe in buying quality.  As you can see from this photo we have antique furnishings, that we pay cash for and research greatly pricing and we have always gotten a deal.  The pine postman's desk (that we had glass covers made for that cost more than the piece itself!) was gotten for just $25.00 last summer.

I actually am posting about the recent Kromex Spun Aluminum canister set.  I loved them on sight, opened each one (Sugar/Coffee/Tea/Grease/Salt/Pepper) to smell them.  They were ok.  Great condition.  I walked away to explore the rest of the store with DH.  I saw a book I thought I would like (I collect vintage cookbooks) and two new donkey planters (another collection, these were from Italy, a first for me) and a gorgeous violin gilded shaped vase marked East Palestine (wanted for that marking more than the shape)
I placed the planters and the vase on the counter to go back to the other end of this huge warehouse of mini shops to see the canisters again.  I took out my iphone to research the maker.........and realized I HAD A STEAL IN FRONT OF ME!  Just the three large canisters were selling (or had sold for) $20.00 more than they were asking for the entire set.  I made two trips to bring them all to the counter.  I paid just $27.00.
Got them home and set them up........don't they look wonderful?  I will put them to use for their intended markings (though I haven't gotten around to saving bacon grease, I know it was done in the past and some still do it presently (right Carol?)  But I was missing the flour canister.  So I started to search online.
And I found several, in varying degrees of condition.  I looked for several days, and finally found one that I was satisfied with.  For just $8.00.  I should have it by Tuesday.  I am very happy.

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  1. Love the quality, aluminum canister set! And yes, I DO still save bacon fat, although I just cooked my last LB of bacon (pricey stuff this past year) this morning, so once it's gone . . I don't know when I'll be buyimg more.


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