Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a good day (even though allergies even with multiple meds are out of control), went to the Edgewood Park City Seed Farmers Market in Westville with DD.  Got some wild ramps (lots of plans for these this week) and visited the Sono Bakery table and treated us to Monkey Bread (DD), Chocolate Croissant (DH) and Basque cakes (myself and Gpa P) .

Then we drove to my Grandmother's (so lucky to still have her with us) where DD gave her a hair cut.

Then to Big Y.  Not much, renewed my silver card membership (I have found it a wise choice to do this yearly, 20 dollars spent once a year saves me more than that throughout the year) Cat food (6 dollars) and then a few more treats.  Bill came to $80.00, but I think we are done with grocery shopping this month except for exceptional meat prices and produce.  Why?

Cuz Gpa P is on his way to Florida for 10 days!  I feel like I'm on vacation.  We can make what we do have in the house last for the entire month.  I am elated.

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