Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Adventure and Garden prep.

DH and I try to plan Sunday adventures that give us the joy of finding a deal without spending a lot of money.  We believe in buying quality, and will save and skimp where we can to have money to spend on other things.

We believe in good furniture.  Antiques.  We have gotten previous amazing deals (Dining Room table that was appraised for over 4000, but we paid just 250)  Clocks (a passion of his that I am starting to enjoy as well)  books, (clocks, watches, historical documents for him, cooking, gardening and 'woman guides' for me)

I collect Donkeys and violin figurines.   I also look for deals for items in our Bach's Bucks case.  Students earn play money to use in a special case of items that they can only purchase.

Today we went to a town wide tag sale in Haddam, 20 dealers at one location and then a map that brought us to 60 more if we wanted to visit them.   We went to the one location with 20 and then went to 6 more on the map of 60.  We then stopped at a few antique shops in Old Saybrook, Essex and Chester.

I spent $2.00 on a multicultural music book/recipes/activities including an audio tape.  Brand new.  I also got 25 things brand new for the case that probably retailed for over $50.  She wanted 28, she accepted 20 as she didn't want to make change for two 20's.  I also got a beanie baby donkey for $1.

At one antique shop I found some very unusual violin figurines from Occupied China.  Colors I had never seen before on a violin figurine.  $18.00 for both.  I also bought 2 large ragu jars filled with buttons for $10.00.  I have been kicking myself for years that I forgot a hat box full of buttons that were my grandmothers when we moved once.  I have been wanting to replace these vintage buttons but normally the prices are ridiculous.  I'm happy with this (though will transfer them to prettier jars.

We brought snacks and water with us (we left early) and by 230 we were hungry, so we stopped in Flanders and had a nice seafood dinner.  A treat.  $45.00 with tip.   DH had clam chowder and southwestern spiced shrimp with fries.  I had a crab cake and a side caesar salad.  We shared some fried calamari.  He had a soda (free refills) and I had water.

We then drove into Rhode Island.  DH loves a particular brand of hotdogs...only available in Rhode Island.  Saugys is the brand name.  When we are that close I always suggest we stop and get the 3 pound box.  $15.00 for the box.  Again, a splurge/treat.  We bought a few other things there too that we can only find in Rhode Island. Some Portuguese staples. B&M Baked beans for a great price for the large cans. Then we headed back home.

Once home, I strained the stock that I had on high in a Crock Pot since last night, put it into a new pot, along with a pound of frozen Kidney Beans (FREE! with coupon last week in Shop-Rite) chopped celery, onion, carrots, green peppers and diced ham (left over from last ham deal).

DH went into work to do the drivers tallies for their last run, and I ran to Home Depot coupon in hand to get the Black Mulch we have been needing as well as some annuals.  The pansies looked awful, and were marked down .88 each.  But they were pitiful, probably weren't covered in the last two frosts.  I purchased marigolds and petunias.  Total spent with coupon was $70.00.  Some of the supplies will be used at the studio, so I can write off part of it as maintenance.

I had prepped two large pots as well as my donkey/wagon planter.  Put five plants in each, and then started pulling out my pots and wooden chair planters from the garage.  I filled all those, and then started clearing out all the raised beds and flower beds, as DH and I plan to go out early and pick up all this mess I created, bringing it into the woods.

  I am happy to report that i DO have asparagus coming up.  I was so afraid that the roots had been destroyed in the awful winter we had.  I anticipate harvesting at least 2 pounds, maybe 3 this year.  I will have to get more plants to add to the bed.  I love asparagus, but it's so expensive.  Since it's a perennial, it comes back each year, offering more spears as it matures.  An investment for the dinner table. This is my third year of being able to harvest, so I feel that my initial investment for the 4 plants we have has been returned.

I have sweet onions to plant tomorrow too. DH requested them.  This is the time of year that I am happiest!

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