Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday Cooking and more Shopping

The Tilapia from Shop-Rite at $2.99 for 12 ounces was very good, and yielded two nice portions for me once cooked.  I went back today and bought 4 more packages totaling three pounds at 3.99 a pound.  I think that is a great price for a white fish.

I am roasting a big Y .88 cents a pound chicken for tonight's dinner (DH has a Masons meeting, so I try to make something ahead so he doesn't need to worry about it), as well as steamed broccoli purchased today for .89 a pound at the produce market.   Total for these two components of the meal 6.32.   I will also have stock going overnight from the bones.

I purchased a bit over two pounds of eggplant for .59 a pound ($1.24)  peeled, chunked and threw in the crockpot with two cans of Hunts spicy/zesty sauce purchased for .88 cents a can.  This will be lunch for the next five days.  Sixty cents a serving!

I've received my Saving Star refund from my cabbage purchase, .71 cents!   It looks like savingstar bases everything on REGULAR PRICES!  I paid $.81 for about 8 lbs of cabbage!

I've also purchased the asparagus this morning for the Savings Star healthy option this week, as well as hit the $20.00 Purex purchase to get $5.00 back.  So far the Asparagus and the Purex purchased at Shoprite have been tallied, but not the Purex from Stop and Shop yet.  Once that registers I will have $5.00 back for the Purex.

Thursday lunch is more eggplant casserole (I ate some for dinner last night, one of my favorites, and so easy with two mozzarella sticks)  Now the overnight stock is simmering with the picked meat (and there is still chicken left for others to eat for lunch or in my father's case, breakfast) as well as celery, carrots, onion, last of the windowsill leeks (three uses from the same root ball, but it was getting mushy so I called it quits and added to the trash pile)  and chives (still going strong on the windowsill).  I love coming home to a hot cup of soup.

DH can cook a small roast (perhaps a pound and a half) that I took out of the freezer earlier in the week.  He will probably roast potatoes with it, and once cooked down I'm sure he and Dad will polish it off.

Trying to limit the protein consumption for these two is a lost battle.  Especially for my father.  Unless things are marked in the fridge, it's free game, and he eats way more than any dietitian or physician would recommend.  It's a point of frustration for me, but I try to financially work around it, if not for his health.  He is his own person.  Just wish he contributed to the food bill once in a while!


  1. Sandy-
    Yes, it's "fixed" so I can use my screen name vs my legal name, thanks. I had a question about Savings Star-what is it? how can one sign up?
    Carol in CT

  2. Hi Carol, I'm glad you helped me 'fix' the problem. I was kind of disappointed I never got any comments, lol. My name is public as I also own a business where I perform out, so I'm not troubled by it as much. I can appreciate that most won't want their full name out there. You and I are both educators, I think it's why I gravitated to your posts first. As for Savingstar, you can download an iphone or android app (free) for this rebate program. You scan all your shopping rewards cards into the app (bigy, stop and shop, etc) and then you 'choose' which deals you want. That's the important part, just because you see them in the app on your device, you still need to click I want this. Each Tuesday they have a fruit or veggie which I appreciate, and every Friday a completely free item. It's owned by Upromise, which I also used when my DD was younger, and I did indeed get the cash out when she went on to upper education. Currently I have $10.65 in my Savingstar account, and you can choose a bank deposit, paypal deposit, amazon gift code or to donate your funds. Here is a link that explains more (it is not a referral link as far as I can tell)

  3. Thanks for the info. Since I don't have a Smart Phone, this won't work for me. : (

  4. CtMom, I think some of the programs you can use (such as savingstar) from a regular pc/imac. Since you don't need to scan receipts, send photos this one would work for you. Please check it out when you have time. Good Luck on returning to work this week!


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